Friday News Roundup

Friday News Roundup

Top News from Tuesday to Today

Asia Blockchain Summit 2020 (ABS2020) is coming online on July 15th 2020.

Leon Li, CEO of Huobi, and the history of Huobi (Part 2). completes key exchange infrastructure upgrades.

Bitcoin mining difficulty just saw the biggest increase since 2018.

OMG Network, the blockchain arm of SYNQA, launched its main-net platform to transfer digital assets by providing digital financial services and scale up transfers on the ethereum network.

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?Exchange News enters Bitcoin derivatives market to rival OKEx, Huobi.’s new exchange doesn’t shift a whole lot of volume, but it still wants to play with the big dogs.

KuCoin, an IDG-backed crypto exchange, announced a new partnership with PayMIR, a well-known fiat on-ramp service provider in Russia. The partnership will enable new and existing KuCoin users worldwide to purchase crypto with Russian Ruble (RUB) using their credit and debit cards.

The Global Stock Exchange (GSX) Group has today announced the first step towards a major expansion of its presence in Asia with the Labuan International Business and Financial Centre (Labuan IBFC), conditionally approving the GSX Group’s license application to officially launch a bespoke digital securities exchange in the Malaysian territory.

A survey by Japanese crypto exchange BitMax shows 25% of traders prefer XRP, compared to only 9% in ETH and 26% BTC.

See the source imageInvestment

Thailand plans to use the blockchain to raise $6.4 million.

Kazakhstan is aiming to attract nearly $740 million dollars in investment through various crypto industry-related activities over the next three years. 


Mudslides in Sichuan Province pose a huge threat to Bitcoin miners in the region.

Crypto mining solely A financial products for Chinese individual miners in the rainy season 2020.

Bitcoin mining manufacturer Canaan sees stock hit record low as their equipments becomes less profitable. 

BitMEX report points to more consolidation in Bitcoin ASIC mining.

? Business

Ebang International has launched a roadshow for its U.S. initial public offering that could raise as much as $126 million, becoming the second Chinese Bitcoin mining machine maker to seek a U.S. listing.

China, poised to roll out its potentially game-changing digital yuan, is leading the way in development of bitcoin-like digital currencies.

China uses blockchain to ease cross-border finance barriers in Greater Bay Area. Hong Kong, Macau and Guangdong have three legal and monetary systems. A new blockchain banking platform would unify the area into an economic hub.

Ethereum targets China base, resources portal now in Chinese.

China mulls creating an East Asia centric CBDC platform.

Chinese Police Investigate ‘Exit Scam’ by Iranian Crypto Exchange. Reports indicate the Iranian-based crypto exchange ‘Bitisis’ is actually a Ponzi scheme that has attempted an exit scam.

Expert: News of Chinese banks’ Crypto crackdown greatly exaggerated.

Chinese tech group behind TikTok looks to enter finance. Chinese multinational tech group ByteDance is seeking a virtual banking license in Singapore as a means of entering digital finance.

Tokyo Electric Power Company Holdings Inc partnered with Itochu Corporation to start building a blockchain-based system to trade electricity surpluses.

Singapore carpooling app Ryde announced the launch of its own cryptocurrency wallet which will facilitate Bitcoin payments for its service.


South Korea’s finance minister has confirmed that taxes will be imposed on cryptocurrency in the country.

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