Tuesday News Roundup

Tuesday News Roundup

Top News from Friday to Today

Messari at Hangzhou international Blockchain Week | DeFi is eating the world. https://bit.ly/38ysoSY

With its forthcoming digital yuan, China will aim to rival the U.S. dollar, not Bitcoin, say experts. https://bit.ly/2NWYkXB

Visa’s head of crypto says CBDC is the most important payment trend in the next decade. https://bit.ly/2O0PibX

Bond Connect turnover rises 145% in June. The average daily turnover of China’s Bond Connect program reached 21.1 billion yuan last month. https://bit.ly/2O2a4bm

Exchange and Investment News

Former OKEx exec’s crypto derivatives exchange ACDX is launching next month. https://bit.ly/38xl3mp

Bexplus review: popular cryptocurrency derivatives exchange. https://bit.ly/2NZXLM

HyperChain Capital CEO says DeFi provides potential growth and investment opportunities for the digital assets management firm. https://bit.ly/2AyI8Zo

Cardano developer house IOHK has made a six-figure investment into Wave Financial, its partner for a new $20 million Cardano fund. https://bit.ly/2Z858YV


ViaBTC Group and Bitmain Supercomputing Center Research Institute Form Global Partnership to Launch Professional Mining Resources Platform. https://bit.ly/38yUTzz


Bitcoin price consolidating but what happens if $9K support is lost? https://bit.ly/3e4N7Pp


Ethereum leads top 30 Crypto gainers list again in Q2. https://bit.ly/3f40MY1

China-Australia stand-off could impact Blockchain collaboration. https://bit.ly/2AA0CsD

The controversial Tron CEO Justin Sun warns investors against a Tron-based Defi project after the latter allegedly turned him down. https://bit.ly/3e0rVKl

China stocks boom bullish for Bitcoin? 5 things to watch this week. A turbulent mixture of macro, coupled with expectations of a big move in Bitcoin, could spell an interesting week for traders and holders alike. https://bit.ly/3f2GHS8

Singapore’s Blockchain landscape has grown more than 50% since last year. https://bit.ly/2Z3FXGT

Biggest corporations skeptical of introducing Crypto payment option. https://bit.ly/2C741j4

OneCoin marketing scam operator fined $72,000 in Singapore. https://bit.ly/2O0WAwl

How Infor Nexus is helping to digitalize Asia’s supply chain. https://bit.ly/2O09T06

VeChain is attending the World Artificial Intelligence Conference 2020 hosted by Shanghai Municipal People’s Government. https://prn.to/2ZL2dV1


Philippine SEC warns against investment schemes including one based on the Ethreum blockchain it says is a Ponzi scheme. https://bit.ly/3f7Ole2

Insurance companies form alliance in Taiwan. Blockchain-based partnership makes life easier for customers with multiple policies. https://bit.ly/3e1QF4U

Thai authorities are cracking down on drug networks and the methods they use to launder their profits, including cryptocurrency. https://bit.ly/2NX8xTX

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