Tuesday News Roundup

Tuesday News Roundup

Top News from Friday to Today

The Monetary Authority of Singapore is ready to deploy its multi-currency blockchain payments project for commercial use. https://bit.ly/2WgW5mn

The Bank of Japan reported the supply of money stock in circulation increased 6% in June following the receipt of economic relief payments. https://bit.ly/2ZZS5ry

South Korea brings Blockchain to healthcare, but that’s just the start. https://bit.ly/32ckLQT

A new DeFi protocol not on Ethereum, here’s one choice. https://bit.ly/3gSx09i


DappRadar 2020 Q2 Decentralized Exchange (DEX) Industry Review. https://bit.ly/302CBmA

Japanese exchange holdings of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, XRP, and Ether all surged during the coronavirus pandemic.  https://bit.ly/329MHox


Atlas Capital announced a strategic investment in OASIS. https://bit.ly/2WeLAjH

Bitmain’s Investment in Opera leads to an interest in Finance. https://bit.ly/32cFGmF


Inside the craze for filecoin crypto mining in China. https://bit.ly/32cHmMZ

ViaBTC Group and Bitmain Supercomputing Center Research Institute form global partnership to launch professional mining resources platform. https://bit.ly/3gTWTW7

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How IPFS can help Hong Kong avoid China’s grip. The popular short video app was taken down Friday in Hong Kong. But there could be a solution. https://bit.ly/32aUBhm

Hong Kong students win top prize at International Blockchain Olympiad. https://bit.ly/3gVbBfw

FinTech Blockchain market production, revenue, price trend by types & market analysis by application. https://bit.ly/2WeStBA 

The startup Crypto.com is currently the ultimate up-and-comer in the crypto industry. https://bit.ly/2DDM3p3

Here’s what happened at China’s first, post-lockdown, in-person blockchain conference. https://bit.ly/3j1qpLt


The Malaysian authority that oversees compliance with Islamic law in finance has permitted digital asset trading. https://bit.ly/2OciHjs

An Official from China’s regulator talked about cryptocurrency, IPFS, Libra2.0 and blockchain in China. https://bit.ly/32cCxmZ

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