Friday News Roundup

Friday News Roundup

Top News from Tuesday to Today

The Beijing government has released its first blockchain application blueprint for government services, claiming 140 applications already use the technology.

South Korea might soon be spending billions on Blockchain development. President Moon Jae-in wants to allocate billions of dollars to strengthen industry 4.0 technology.

Vitalik Buterin in China.

Exchange and Investment News

Report: 147,000 BTC from high-risk addresses flew into cryptocurrency exchanges in H1 2020.

An inside look at how CoinFLEX is trying to create a repo market for crypto.

Crypto Exchange Coincheck joins Japan-based exchanges GMO Coin and BitFlyer in supporting trading for Brave’s Basic Attention Token starting on July 21.


Investigation of crypto mining farm in China’s Sichuan, revealing the mining empire with a load of 4.6 Million kWh.

Bitcoin miner maker Ebang wins 369 Million Yuan China Telecom contracts.


Four macro indicators suggest a Bitcoin uptrend is near, following nearly two months of stagnation in a tight range.

In Hong Kong, some local citizens are turning to stablecoins to resist financial surveillance and internet censorship.

Japan’s largest financial institution, Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group, is planning to issue the MUFG token in the second half of 2020.

Bitcoin Usage up in Vietnam, Bangladesh & S Africa –


Kyber Network is Now Listed in Crypto.

Future FinTech announces acquisition of Nice Talent Asset Management.

The youth of Bangladesh shine on the world stage.

Tricor, 3 Hong Kong, CityU, Microsoft Hong Kong and TFI Sign MOU on transforming investor relations digitally.

Hong Kong capital isn’t fleeing to crypto—yet. Retail investors have an increased interest in crypto, and more institutional-grade custodians are setting up shop in the territory.

The Singapore Fintech Association and R3 have entered a partnership to provide startups in the SFA network with access to R3’s Corda blockchain.

China’s central bank may test digital yuan on Meituan Dianping’s food delivery platform with 435 million users.

The Twitter accounts of top cryptocurrency exchange platforms have reportedly been hacked. Twitter accounts for Binance, Tron, Kucoin, Gemini and Coinbase are among those reported breached thus fueling suggestions that a key weakness or flaw in the microblogging site’s API may have been discovered and is being manipulated.

Five trends in Hangzhou International Blockchain Week 2020.

Cypherium’s founder predicts that the adoption of CBDCs for cross border payments will happen sooner than expected.

BitMEX’s parent company has undergone a corporate restructuring to allow it to make investments in the digital currency space.

Telegram drops TON Testnet, but independent projects carry new hope. use blockchain for mobile payments, insurance claims and more.


Former CSRC Chief says digital stocks are set to follow CBDCs.

Sanctions against Abra mean that SEC and CFTC could be targeting DeFi next.

Chinese Energy Supplier Deploys Blockchain Node in State-Run Network. Gansu province is now connected to the state-run Energy Zone Blockchain public service platform.

The Japanese government is getting serious about a CBDC  in official economic plan.

Singapore’s National Payments System can guide global crypto adoption. Blockchain payments project Ubin can lay the financial blueprint for countries looking to explore crypto tech in a fully regulated manner.

Crypto taxation in South Korea could increase to 20% for capital gains.

The Need for a Designated Crypto Asset Regulator Senior academic says a new taxonomy—and a new regulator—is needed to determine whether crypto assets should fall under existing financial frameworks.

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