Tuesday News Roundup

Tuesday News Roundup

Top News from Friday to Today

Why a DeFi surge in China? https://bit.ly/2ZKvDDR

Is the stimulus check pouring into the crypto market in Japan? https://bit.ly/2ZLoXoV


Hong Kong-based cryptocurrency platform Crypto.com unveils its new anti-phishing email feature to help protect exchange users against phishing attempts. https://bit.ly/3eKIbzi

Account-holders at crypto exchange Huobi have the opportunity to vote this month on which of six new tokens they would like to see listed. https://bit.ly/2ZKHiCD

Korean exchanges struggle with expansion amid uncertain regulations. https://bit.ly/2ZHVRX


Chengdu, the world’s bitcoin mining capital, is about to host a brand new mega-mining conference – the HashCon 2020 & New Infrastructure Mining Summit in the upcoming August. https://bit.ly/2OI2iDW

Hashrate index launches Alpha for new mining data site. https://bit.ly/2ZPd29X

New survey: China controls 50% of Bitcoin Mining while US hits 14%. https://bit.ly/2ZItzMB


In a global economic recession, individuals and institutions have been turning away from traditional assets and seeking opportunities in cryptocurrency. https://bit.ly/3eJ9Non

Huobi, one of the major crypto exchanges in China disclosed the latest business data in a report jointly revealed by investment institutions IOSG and Huobi. At present, more than 50% of the transaction volume of the platform comes from institutional clients. https://bit.ly/3eLcwxN

Altcoins thrives while major coins keeps silent, where will the crypto market go? https://bit.ly/3eLdQ3J


As the development of the digital yuan project progresses, the number of China’s largest companies testing the national cryptocurrency is rapidly growing. https://bit.ly/2OKGZ4g

Bank of Japan has new CBDC research team but no plans to launch. https://bit.ly/3eKNRcJ

Diginex strengthens partnership with Itiviti and leverages Tbricks Automation Platform for institutional cryptocurrency clients. https://bit.ly/2ZIlDeq


Binance is said to be “operating a recognized market” without authorization from the Malaysian regulator. https://bit.ly/2BeLu43

Beijing releases blueprint for Blockchain-based programmable govt. https://bit.ly/39ggDk4

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