Friday News Roundup

Friday News Roundup

Top News from Tuesday to Today

A look inside the world’s 2nd largest Ethereum mining pool – SparkPool.

What Ant Group’s massive IPO might mean for digital currency and blockchains.

Expert insights on the Asian crypto market amidst Pandemic.

China’s Blockchain infrastructure to extend global reach with six public chains.

Chinese Blockchain-powered Cross-border Trade Pilot Handles USD 4.4bn.

Japan’s COVID-19 stimulus payments didn’t flow into crypto.

Exchange News

South Korea will air a Crypto-Themed TV series in October. “Romantic Hacker” will feature a K-pop star whose story is based on the hack of a fictitious crypto exchange.

Japan’s Financial Watchdog Whitelists OMG Network Token. The addition of the OMG Network token on Japanese crypto exchange GMO Coin indicates that the digital asset has been approved by regulators.

Japanese liquid exchange to delist Zcash to get licensed in Singapore.


CrossAngle, the South Korean operator of global crypto-asset disclosure platform Xangle, raises $3.3M in Hanwha-led round.

Thinking of trading in tether USDT? Here’s what to know.


Bitmain struggle heats up as the two battling for control of mining farms and ant miners inside.


Korea’s largest Blockchain project ICON to integrate band protocol Oracles.

Bank of Korea is launching a digital innovation department that will leverage blockchain and AI to improve business efficiency.

Chinese fintech giant Ant Group launches new blockchain brand ‘AntChain’. announces support for Elrond Network’s ERD token transfers.

Integrating Ethereum, other Blockchains a test for BSN’s trust issues.

RippleNet to use open network and blockchain to enable financial services.

AMA with Bancor: V2’s solutions to improve AMMs.

CoolBitX partnering with Elliptic to address FATF’s travel rule.

Chinese Blockchain projects unite to push mainstream adoption forward.

Alibaba’s payments arm Ant Group has launched a new blockchain solution, AntChain, for increased trust and transparency in industrial processes.

Bitcoin SV will provide education for up to 31 million people through a partnership with China’s largest developer network.

The IOHK and BeefChain partnership will trace beef from ranch to consumer, fighting beef fraud and improving food security.

Board Secretary of Xnmatrix, Cecilia Ma, delivered keynote on xecentralized cloud computing during ABS2020.

Journeys in Blockchain: Charlie Lee of Litecoin Foundation.

Binance CEO CZ says that having their own bank would unlock one more channel for interacting with global regulators.

Maxonrow organizes hackathon to reimagine Blockchain for healthcare solutions. 


The Philippines has launched a blockchain-enabled mobile application for the distribution of government-issued bonds.

Global banks are scanning clients in Hong Kong on potential political ties amid protests over China-initiated national security law.

As Hong Kong banks censor millionaires for pro-democracy ties, Coinbase CEO calls for open finance.

Circle CEO: USDC gives the holders more confidence in transparency and regulatory compliance.

Shanghai Stock Exchange gets green light from the CSRC to carry out Blockchain pilots.

China’s Central Bank issues standard for Blockchain to promote its financial application.

China to strengthen protection of Bitcoin-like Cryptocurrencies.

Fuzhou’s New City Infrastructure Plan will include creating a Blockchain demonstration zone.

South Korea has finalized a new 20% tax rate for income generated from crypto trading.

Chinese Supreme Court favors strengthening cryptocurrency property rights.

China considers implementing Blockchain tech in equity trading centers.

China’s Blockchain Network splits over disagreement about public chains. 

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