Tuesday News Roundup

Tuesday News Roundup

Top News from Friday to Today

How the ‘AntChain’ blockchain is taking China by storm. https://bit.ly/330jpsD

Mitigating Pandemic risks with Blockchain. https://bit.ly/2WY7oQY

Why this China-backed crypto guru wants to unite the world’s blockchains. https://bit.ly/30VBEge

Exchange and Investment News

A Singapore blockchain-based smart city project in the Cambodian capital wants to list its native token on a crypto exchange. https://bit.ly/2X0lscJ

Chainlink brings FX rates data from top Korean Banks to DeFi. https://bit.ly/30OfQDu


BTC.top launches ‘Joint Mining’ Platform, pitching it as a cloud mining killer. https://bit.ly/2X0Bd3o

10,000 ant-miners go ‘missing’ in the latest chapter of Bitmain Power Saga. https://bit.ly/32Z5raL


Bitcoin price hits 10-month highs as BTC aims at $10.5K resistance. https://bit.ly/3jHfBC


China Ecosystem Lead at Celo (Hong Kong, Singapore or Mainland China). https://bit.ly/2EjpI09

AliBaba’s AntChain launches as company prepares $200 bln-worth dual listing. https://bit.ly/2P2hb41

Integrating Ethereum, other Blockchains a test for BSN’s trust issues. https://bit.ly/3hwYRME

BSN ‘Split’ can stimulate China’s Blockchain sector toward global reach. https://bit.ly/2X3TAV4

BSN to continue as one interconnected network, initiative member said. https://bit.ly/3hFjtSL

Crisis as a catalyst for change: Southeast Asia is digitizing finances. https://bit.ly/2ErYR2l


China’s digital yuan looks to be scaling smoothly but its core political slogan may disrupt further development. https://bit.ly/2Eih4z2

Japanese exchange Liquid officially announced the delisting of 27 assets, citing regulatory precautions. https://bit.ly/330G2gK

Coinbase CEO: Exchange Won’t List XMR Due to ‘Issue With Regulators’. https://bit.ly/3320Xjs

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