Tuesday News Roundup

🌟 Top News from Friday to Today

A thorough history of Bitmain’s corporate investments (Part 1). https://bit.ly/3fKDxSv

Bitcoin price seals best weekly close in 2.5 years: 5 things to know. https://bit.ly/3ktBtlj

Japanese messaging giant LINE’s LN token trading on BitMax. https://bit.ly/33N6D1c


China’s mining dominance unlikely to last: lopp. https://bit.ly/3ksQ54u

Bitcoin halving and Ethereum 2.0 bring big changes for crypto miners. https://bit.ly/2XLCD1X


Capital flight out of Asia is taking Bitcoin express’ says Max Keiser. https://bit.ly/33JS4vc

South Korean Beachgoers can now use Bitcoin to pay for services. https://bit.ly/3irPoqb

Crypto.com enables ‘Soft Staking’ for Dai (DAI) stablecoin. https://bit.ly/2XMSPQF

🧳 Business

Major South Korean bank joins the crypto custody business. https://bit.ly/2XMZjPm

Crypto.com appoints Steven Kalifowitz as Chief Marketing Officer. https://bit.ly/3afteVa

China Blockchain companies surge by 10,000 this year despite Coronavirus. https://bit.ly/2DO7h3y


Chinese state grid launches Blockchain-based blackout insurance policy. https://bit.ly/3iw9LCT

Richard Stallman: A discussion on freedom, privacy & cryptocurrencies. https://bit.ly/2DE4jyV

South Korean highways will have Blockchain-Powered toll payments. https://bit.ly/2DDkI6I

China: Loudi City Mayor promotes Blockchain to fight crime. https://bit.ly/3ixY0ff

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