A Thorough History of Bitmain’s Corporate Investments (Part 2)

A Thorough History of Bitmain’s Corporate Investments (Part 2)

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While most people in the crypto community are aware of Bitmain’s towering presence and role in the mining community, few know about the role Bitmain has played in the larger crypto community. We can learn alot about Bitmain’s involvement through its investment arm. This post highlight the numerous investments Bitmain has made since inception.

In the past 4 years, according to some statistics that are unfortunately not well supported by evidence, Bitmain apparently saw 4 managed funds. From 2015 to 2019, it invested in 33 projects. In this post, we take a look at the 4 years of investments made by Bitmain and list out the 33 projects invested by the Bitmain investment team.

Below are the Investments by Year


  1. Sxbcar – Car marketplace


  1. Bitkan – crypto data market place


  1. RSK – side chain technology
  2. Hitchain- a public chain
  3. Elastos- a public chain
  4. Towerchain- China based blockchain solution company
  5. Hailian Technology- mining pool and cloud mining provider affiliated with ViaBTC
  6. Coldlar- crypto cold wallet and app
  7. ViaBTC- mining pool, blockchain explorer
  8. Luobotec- AI robots
  9. Suisse Technology- blockchain development company


  1. Yours- social network where you can earn Bitcoin
  2. 8btc- crypto community and news
  3. Circle- crypto exchange
  4. Path- unknown
  5. Starkware – zk-proof technology developer
  6. Dex.top- crypto DEX
  7. PopulStay- A decentralized home-sharing platform
  8. Opera- browser
  9. Dorahacks- crypto and tech hacking company
  10. Bitmax- crypto exchange
  11. Block.one- blockchain development company
  12. Certik- smart contract auditing company
  13. Nuls- public chain
  14. Asch Chain- public chain
  15. Bizkey- crypto payment platform
  16. TribeOS- bitcoin-cash powered advertising
  17. Lambda- data storage blockchain project
  18. 1000 video- urban AI services
  19. ErisX- crypto derivatives provider


  1. Quoine/Liquid – exchange
  2. Matrixport- crypto asset management company
  3. Crystal Vision Technology- AI chips

Source: Jinse Media

We learned that most of the investments are strategic investments as Bitmain’s influence in the industry grew increasingly more. But a few notably were angel round investments, including Bitmax, Matrixport, Towerchain.

One trend we noticed that initially, the investment arms primary focus in 2016 and 2017 was focused on data, blockchain development and public chains. As we saw increasingly more trading activity, we saw investments in exchanges and trading platforms and tools such as Circle, Dex.top, ErisX, as well as more community-driven investments like Dorahacks and 8btc. In 2019, perhaps due to the departure of Shengyue to Matrixport, the investments slowed down significantly.

Will Bitmain continue to make investments after its internal founder drama subsides and the company finds its way back to the IPO path? With Jihan Wu as CEO, we believe so.

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