Friday News Roundup

Friday News Roundup

Top News from Tuesday to Today

A thorough history of Bitmain’s corporate investments (Part 2).

China takes Digital Yuan trial to Beijing.

India ranks second in Blockchain wallet transactions.

Four of the top five South Korean banks to offer crypto services.

?Exchange and Investment News

Crypto Exchange UpBit scores full deck of licenses from Thai SEC. Exchange goes live at full capacity on Sep 8.

Cryptocurrency usage substantially increased in Peru, India, Indonesia and Nigeria.

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Exhanges in the world. 

Hex Trust receives strategic investment from leading Asia Blockchain Firm, Kenetic.


Why Chinese miners won’t stage a 51% attack on Bitcoin.

Bitcoin mining legalization foreseeable as Sichuan reveals second Batch Hydropower Consumption Enterprises.

Profit loss of China’s state grid leads to crackdown on Bitcoin mining electricity supply.

Defi Frenzy makes ETH miners laugh.

China-based boasts the largest compliant Bitcoin mining farm in Iran.


Can a country actually ban Bitcoin?

Crypto advocates reckon bitcoin price is set for take-off again.

Sentiment drops to “greedy” as institutional demand for Bitcoin exposure reportedly rises.

? Business

Alibaba’s subsidiary AntChain takes the lead in Formulating New Cross-Chain Standard.

OKEx, Ontology release initiatives to support DeFi growth.

NEAR token sale postponed after CoinList is overwhelmed by demand.

New Blockchain platform aims to help countries issue CBDCs more easily.

Moshe Hogeg, the chief executive of the blockchain smartphone startup Sirin Labs, was sued by Hong Kong-based mobile phone manufacturer Foxconn International Holding (FIH) for unpaid bills used to manufacture the Finney blockchain phones. launches BTC special giveaway in the syndicate.

One Million South Koreans now have Blockchain Drivers Licenses.

Japan’s top HR firm is working on a Blockchain-based recruitment app.


Beijing selects Hong Kong’s Greater Bay Area as first market to deploy DCEP.

A City in South Korea is expanding its Blockchain payment program.

South Korean highways will have Blockchain-powered toll payments.

Mitsubishi launches Blockchain Platform for Metal Trading.

‘It’s too hard to participate’: CWV partner on China’s Blockchain blueprint.

China’s Hebei Province wants to create 20 leading Blockchain firms by 2022.

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