Tuesday News Roundup

Tuesday News Roundup

Top News from Friday to Today

The Pandemic is prompting Asian countries to adopt Blockchain. https://bit.ly/3g5WWNX

China’s Digital Yuan CBDC is close, but many details remain unknown. https://bit.ly/2Q1p7D1

Two Bitcoin farmers stole $1.5M in Electricity in Bulgaria. https://bit.ly/3h9T3IY

Exchange and Investment News

Huobi launches global DeFi alliance to merge East and West. https://bit.ly/3aAWx4J

Samsung phone support for Gemini Exchange can further crypto adoption. https://bit.ly/313iq9Y

Signs that crypto is coming of age as an investment. https://bit.ly/3axxTlE


Grayscale opens trading for Bitcoin cash, Litecoin Trusts with $30M in assets. https://bit.ly/3aKO2Vb

How the Ethereum Classic hacker stole $5.6 million from OKEx. https://bit.ly/31akwVH

3 People arrested in Hong Kong for cheating Bitcoin ATMs. https://bit.ly/2EfZQm8


Crypto.com announces Exchange to make Public Beta Exit. https://bit.ly/3h7SNds

Babel has become the latest company to join Custodian’s custody platform.https://bit.ly/3az0Cq7

Major South Korean chat app bets big on NFT-based stock trading. https://bit.ly/2CEQFe


China’s DCEP to benefit public, influence Monetary Policy. https://bit.ly/314WJGh

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