Friday News Roundup

Friday News Roundup

Top News from Tuesday to Today

Corporate Blockchains– China’s Crypto Giants and Their Blockchain Innovations Overtime.

A Quick Guide to Crypto Regulators and Companies in China.

Tether is what drives China’s massive crypto market: report.

China expands DCEP testing to high-volume commercial transactions.

Bulgarian Startup Will Pay You Bitcoin When Your Flight Is Delayed.

China’s Digital Yuan to Test in Petty Payment First.


Researchers Detect Crypto-Mining Worm to Steal AWS Credentials.


Bitcoin ATM thieves nabbed in Hong Kong.

Bitcoin held by crypto exchanges drops to 20-month low.

Singapore bank says Bitcoin, crypto is “no more” the wild west.

Amuary Sechet: ‘Upgrade or Bitcoin Cash Is Destined for Irrelevance’.

Bitcoin’s Hashrate Takes a Massive Hit After Heavy Floods in Sichuan Shut Miners Down.

East Asia, China Crucial to Global Cryptocurrency Economy.


Blockchain-friendly e-commerce firm Ant Group’s profit jumped 560% year-over-year.

Huobi Meets ‘Loud and Clear’ Demand for Crypto Savings Accounts.

Korean Tourist Hotspot Mandates Use of COVID-19 Blockchain App.


China Testing Cryptocurrency in Major Cities, Including Beijing and Hong Kong.

Singapore: Code of Practice Offers Practical Guidance for Crypto License Applications.

This South Korean City is Spending Millions to Turn People Into Blockchain Experts.

A Japanese Court Just Ordered the Nation’s First Cryptocurrency Seizure.

China’s Digital Yuan Adopts Blockchain System in Security Verification.

Hunan’s Government Has Chosen a Company to Build New Blockchain Infrastructure for the Region.

Chinese Iron Importers Favor Crypto Over US Dollars.

Colombian Technology Ministry Endorses Blockchain and Crypto.

China’s DCEP to Benefit Public, Influence Monetary Policy.

Shenzhen’s Local Government Says Digital Yuan Testing is Making Positive Progress.

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