How to Engage with Chinese Crypto Media as a Western Company or Project

How to Engage with Chinese Crypto Media as a Western Company or Project

Can’t travel to Asia anymore due to Covid-19? Can’t have that meeting that you wanted anymore?

As our team receives ongoing questions and pings from our western readers on the things happening in Asia, we are re-surfacing some of the in-depth coverage interviews and write-ups of notable themes, organizations and figures in Asia that continue to be relevant in the cryptocurrency circle. We hope that once travel opens up again, you’ll be more prepared than ever to pursue and learn about the happenings in Asia.

For anyone who wants to enter the Crypto market in Asia, the Chinese crypto media is a powerful force. We estimate that it has the largest distribution in crypto by reader traffic given the large retail Chinese audience in China and the rest of the world.

Despite the continuous government crackdown in China in recent months, we note that the mainstream crypto media outlets have not been affected. In the meanwhile, many of the scammy small outlets have been identified and shut down across Wechat and Weibo.

First of all, do you know who the main Crypto media are and what differentiates them?

Chinese Crypto Media – Mainstream Media Publications

  1. Jinse-
  2. Huoxing (Mars Media)
  3. Blockbeats-
  4. Odaily-
  5. 8btc-

Media Publications That are Niche But Influential in China

  1. ChainNews(“??”) (– focus on the technology side of the news
  2. EthFans ( – focus on Ethereum and related news
  3. Orange Fans-– curated articles

There are frankly many more crypto media publications in China, but we highlighted some of the best ones above. What is more important is the following points.

What You Probably Didn’t Know

The one thing that you may not know about crypto media publications in China is that most of them are news aggregators, that is, they aggregate news from other sources and distribute each others’ articles.

For most platforms, very few articles originate from their own internal writers, but they simply feature others’ writing because they have a huge distribution. So for example, Jinse, Huoxing are big news platforms but they distribute news from Chainnews, Ethfans, and other publications. Similarly, Chainnews would gather news and articles from other smaller news platforms.

So what does that mean for you when you as a project or company are talking to crypto media publications? It means that you don’t have to talk to all of them. A fast shortcut is that you can just talk to a few key ones, position your pitch well and potentially gather a very wide distribution because of the aforementioned reason.

Now, how do you actually engage with Chinese Crypto Media?

What folks in North America are not used to, but is EXTREMELY common in China, is that all the media companies throw and support local community events.

Local community presence and online digital presence come hand in hand for many of these digital platforms. They host offline events and online events, such as AMAs in Wechat. They also work with projects and companies to throw physical and online events, either as part of their consulting service offering, or their liking, or even personal interest in the project (yes, the crypto media world in China is not impartial).

This is why, when you see an event take place in China, even if it’s just a small one, the list of supporting media companies is off the charts.

For example, below is just the list of media companies that are supporting a 2-hour crypto talk taking place in Shanghai. That is a total of 9 media companies simply helping promote this one small event!!! And then in the section after, it lists all the supporting entities that are not media companies, but are also supporting this event.

Now that you have an idea of how these media companies operate. The next important thing is to reach out to them. Go to China and go to their meetups or any of the events they support.

You can also join their respective Wechat groups, where there are lively discussions held about crypto and blockchain.

But the most important thing is to meet them and establish the credibility and long term roadmap of your project. These long-standing media companies have become long-standing for a reason, they have an eye for scam and are very perceptive. They trust projects and companies introduced through their network and those that have already built a strong reputation in North America and globally.

So in short, what do I have to do?

Here are the quick steps, according to our experience and you can selectively try to fit your need.

  1. Our strong proposal is for folks to go to China and attend one of these large events that’s run by media companies and meet their teams. If it’s not convenient, get introduced to them by someone whose been featured in the Chinese media
  2. Join the media companies’ Wechat channels, introduce yourself, participate and demonstrate credibility and crypto savviness and get recognized by the media team
  3. Once you establish contact, continue to share updates of your project or company with the media team. Best to throw events in China and get them involved so they see you and your community in action. These media companies will even help you promote your events.
  4. Continue to do so until you get featured! It will happen pretty quickly 🙂

Questions, comments, share them below!

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