Tuesday News Roundup

Tuesday News Roundup

Top News from Friday to Today

5 Chinese Banks to Build Blockchain-powered Trade Platform + More News. https://bit.ly/3bciO9D

Asia Dominates Crypto, But Here’s Why That Could Soon Change. https://bit.ly/3bc


Crypto exchange FTX expands into retail with acquisition of Blockfolio. https://bit.ly/3gKNjEA


Compliance and Popularization, Crypto Mining Thriving From the Year 2020. https://bit.ly/2GgKTkD

Geopolitical risks prevail as new players emerge in the crypto mining space. https://bit.ly/2EIrhFE

Daemon Technologies offers Asian miners a new way to earn Bitcoin. https://bit.ly/3gLXskD


Japanese crypto traders ditching XRP and MONA for Bitcoin. https://bit.ly/3bdgEGF

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Crypto.com Pay Now Powering CRO Payments From ERC-20 Wallets. https://bit.ly/3hXPC8A

Kenyan-based Decentralized Artificial Intelligence Platform, UTU, Launches a Token Sale. https://bit.ly/3bcnQmi

Daemon Technologies launches to bring new use case for Blockstack and bitcoin mining to Asia. https://bit.ly/3gLBpdJ


Hong Kong to Approve the First License of Virtual Asset Trading Platform. https://bit.ly/3joP6AO

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