Friday News Roundup

Friday News Roundup

Top News from Tuesday to Today

China Regulations and US Expansion – A look into the global Bitcoin mining industry over the past seven days, from China to the USA, to Europe, and more.

How to Engage with Chinese Crypto Media as a Western Company or Project.

Exchange and Investment 

Dusk Network Receives $1M Investment from iFinex Inc. for the Development of Security Token Exchange.

Vienna and Singapore stock exchanges embrace Bitcoin and Ethereum.


Released Filecoin Mining Structure May Eliminate 80% Miner Makers.


Police Raided Korean Crypto Exchange Bithumb, Says Report.

Ethereum Miners Are Making $800,000 Per Hour.

The Reportedly Capital Flight From China by Cryptocurrency May Draw Regulators’ Attraction.

Filecoin Releases Cryptoeconomic Structure Ahead of Mainnet Launch.


Hong Kong-based hires former Visa exec as GM of Japan. Pay Enables CRO Payments from ERC-20 Wallet.

Bithumb found ‘partially liable’ for a 2017 hacking incident.


Japanese Regulator Hints at ‘New Laws’ for Crypto Industry + More News.

Omniex CEO says the current regulatory landscape is not a barrier for blockchain.

Bitfinex, Huobi, Others Join Veriscope VASP Compliance Framework.

Malaysian authorities arrest crypto miners for $600K power theft.

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