Tuesday News Roundup

Tuesday News Roundup

Top News from Friday to Today

Beijing sees digital currencies as ‘new battlefield’ in global finance. https://bit.ly/35WsvbF

Beijing ranks first among blockchain cities in China. https://bit.ly/33Ms8O5

Philippine central bank embraces digital tokens. https://bit.ly/32PTfZ7


Growth Associate – Greater China Community Lead. https://bit.ly/3iRAY3p

Why China’s Central Exhange DeFi Offerings Seem Half Baked. https://bit.ly/3iVj67U

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JD.com’s fintech wing partners with PBoC on digital currency projects. https://bit.ly/2ZZbvgV

12 Crypto VCs Join RioDeFi’s RFUEL Token Sale. https://yhoo.it/2ZYQIdw

Binance creates ‘Innovation Zone’ to let only select users trade new DeFi tokens. https://bit.ly/32Sh3vD

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