Tuesday News Roundup

🌟 Top News from Friday to Today

Indictments issued for BitMEX senior team are a signal to all. https://bit.ly/34qs3jr

Thai central bank issues $1.6B in government bonds on IBM blockchain. https://bit.ly/3li01xq

Crypto compliance company now monitors 2,500 service providers globally. https://bit.ly/3lfBHfn

Crypto Singapore dollar aims to diversify landscape dominated by USD. https://bit.ly/3ltsSPx


Cryptocurrency exchanges generated over $169B in trading volumes in September. https://bit.ly/3nkhE1l

🧳 Business

XRP Ledger blockchain energizes decarbonization, but tokenization a challenge. https://bit.ly/30BGMXQ

Kikitrade, a licensed crypto social trading platform accelerating the mass adoption of cryptocurrency, is launched. https://yhoo.it/36EBEWv


How South Korea’s Positive Blockchain Blueprint Boosts Asia’s Crypto Industry. https://bit.ly/30DAJll

These China-based notaries are using the Blockchain to manage their client’s cases. https://bit.ly/30E5ExX

Officials voiced privacy concerns over China’s blockchain-powered hospital. https://bit.ly/30xC6ly

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