Friday News Roundup

Friday News Roundup

Top News from Tuesday to Today

Macau is using blockchain to bring back tourists. Is Hong Kong next?

Chinese Banks Investing More in Blockchain Than Insurance and Securities Enterprises.

China’s VP Announces Plans to Accelerate the Development of Blockchain Technology.

South Korean telecom launches blockchain wallet for official documents.

Hong Kong ‘Exploring’ Collaboration With China on Digital Yuan: Finance Chief.

Exchange News

Bixin Ventures Announces $100M Proprietary Capital Fund to Support Global Blockchain Ecosystem.

Hyperledger Announces Its 20 Certified Service Providers, and BSOS Taiwan is among them.


Bitcoin Goes Viral Again on China’s Weibo As the Price Rallies to $13K.

Central bank digital currency could ‘threaten’ Bitcoin, says CZ.

Business News

Hong Kong to “Seize the Opportunities” of China’s Digital Yuan CBDC Development.

“We’re ready for Decentralised Finance,” claim traditional financial service institutions.

OKEx is resuming peer-to-peer fiat trading for Chinese yuan.

OKEx resumes normal function, but withdrawals still closed.

In China, most blockchain R&D funds are going toward this segment.

Nine Chilean cargo shipping companies approved to develop a joint blockchain platform.

Kraken relaunches crypto trading in Japan as part of APAC expansion.

CryptoArts Artwork “Red & Blue” Auction Results Reveal 5.27 ETH.

XRP Ledger blockchain energizes decarbonization, but tokenization a challenge.


The Digital Yuan Will Help Develop China’s Digital Economy, PBoC Governor Says.

Wallet for Chinese Digital Yuan Still Works as Its Test in Shenzhen Rounds off.

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