Tuesday News Roundup


🌟 Top News from Friday to Today

How Asia Is Unbeatable In Blockchain Tech. https://bit.ly/3mqggsS

Central bank digital currencies have the power to upend global finance. https://bit.ly/37MKAts

Bahamas strikes first with Sand Dollar amid US–China CBDC faceoff. https://bit.ly/2HsxPtx

🧳 Business

View MOV SuperTx From Perspective of Harvest+Curve. https://bit.ly/37Inggs

Digital yuan will work with WeChat and Alipay, says bank exec. https://bit.ly/2J4eGhH

Inside China’s $1.5 million Digital Currency Airdrop. https://bit.ly/3oxBI0H

Seven firms in Japan deploy blockchain to digitize trade paperwork. https://bit.ly/31JQcRB 

Toyota’s IT arm works on digital token pilot with crypto exchange. https://bit.ly/37JZErKEthereum researcher Virgil Griffith files motion to dismiss North Korea conspiracy charge. https://bit.ly/2HBKhHi

China’s central bank lays regulatory foundation for CBDC. https://bit.ly/2J97FfM

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