GCR Community Predictions for 2021

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New Years is around the corner, and Global Coin Research is delighted to present you again this year with our community predictions for 2021, from founders, executives and investors with deep knowledge, and influence in the Asia markets and the rest of the world. In their predictions, they share their outlook on the exchange and trading landscape, defi vs cefi, protocol development and more.

The Global Coin Network has been a robust community and an inspiration to our team and our work, we here thank all the contributors below for taking the time to share us their unique outlook and insights.

In 2020, we at GCR are especially thankful for you, our amazing and ever-growing readers and subscribers community. Happy holidays and Happy New Year to you and your family!

The predictions below are arranged by alphabetic order:

Diane Dai, CEO of DODOex.io

  • DeFi tokens will replace most of the current tokens’ place to be in new TOP 20 in market cap
  • New crypto asset boom. There will be a 100x growth for long-tail asset market.
  • New cartel in DeFi community: Top DeFi products will provide full-stack scenario of swap, lending, margin trade, derivatives and more
  • There will be an open financial dApp at least with 100,000 DAU first in DeFi
  • Chinese DeFi user base will grow massively with local products and services.
  • The year for decentralized derivatives to have big true user growth

Jason Choi, Head of Research, The Spartan Group

  • DeFi TVL hits over 100B within the year
  • A country announces holding BTC in treasury
  • More than 1 crypto gets designated as a security by the SEC 

Gabby Dizon, CEO of YieldGuild.io

We will see the first $1m single NFT purchase in 2021. 

Total number of NFT owners will reach 1m wallets in the first half of the year. 

Junya Hirano, Co-founder and CEO, HashHub Tokyo

2021 will continue to be the year of DeFi, but the maturity of DeFi should also move to the next level.

Currently, the infrastructure of DeFi is maturing at a very fast pace, but most of the money being exchanged there is speculative money. But the infrastructure is maturing with speculative money as well.

The Next Step is the phase where the general public and financial institutions focus on that mature infrastructure.

DeFi and traditional finance will slowly start to intersect.

At the same time, enterprises will turn their attention to the public blockchain. Public blockchain should become the new public and premise for humanity, and we should move one step further into that future.

Mable Jiang, Principal, Multicoin Capital

1. Defi derivatives protocols are likely to take off significantly and people will find their own scalability solution to make it work during the meanwhile 

2. Defi protocols financing on the backend for some Cefi interfaces

3. Seed stage deals start to involve community influencers more heavily in the early days, and institutional funds will be requested to provide not just the capital but also community influence, etc.,

4. Singapore becomes more important as a crypto hub as more exchange and builders moving over

5. Tokenized hashrate being offered to the community and on the path of becoming a regulatory compliant standardized product 

Andrew Kang, Managing Partner, Mechanism Capital

  • $5T+ Annual settlement volume on Ethereum
  • $100B+ stablecoin supply
  • $100B+ TVL in DeFi
  • $100B+ DeFi Market Cap
  • 10M+ unique addresses having interacted with DeFi
  • $5B+ DEX volume in a day
  • Proliferation of high-quality anon project founders
  • Sovereign Wealth fund(s)
    announce purchase of BTC
  • First major DeFi token merger
  • Traditional financial institution/fund enters stablecoin lending markets
  • DAO governed projects experience extremely rapid growth

Simon Seojoon Kim, cofounder and CEO at Hashed

Major banks and financial institutions will issue crypto fund products (Bitcoin, major coin index etc) for the mass investors.

Bitcoin price will near 100k and DeFi will be integrated to various fintech applications leading to capital influx from the mass resulting in over $100B TVL.

Kelvin Koh, Cofounder and Managing Partner of Spartan Group

Here are my 10 crypto predictions for 2021 in no particular order:

  1. $BTC will hit $100K in 2021
  2. $ETH will surpass its ATH within the next 6 months
  3. $DOT will be Top 5 by market cap in 2021
  4. $XRP will get delisted from Coinbase (ahead of its IPO) and will fall out of the Top 10
  5. $GRT will be a Top 30 Coin in 2021
  6. A Bitcoin ETF will finally get approved in 2021
  7. DeFi TVL will exceed $100B in 2021
  8. A Fintech app with > 100M users will start integrating DeFi apps, sparking another major re-rating of DeFi tokens
  9. At least 10 DeFi tokens will have market caps > $1B including $UNI, $SNX, $AAVE, $YFI and $COMP
  10. DeFi startups will raise >$10M seed rounds at fully diluted market caps >$100M

Tiantian Kullander, Founding Partner, Amber Group

DeFi boom continues; on-chain options and interest rate swaps take off, which unlocks potential for new applications and use cases. Polkadot ecosystem grows and 2018/19 layer ones find ways to stay relevant by piggybacking of the hype.  

The rise of sophisticated and digestible on-chain analytics results in renewed attention around privacy preservation. New mixers and privacy applications arise. One algorithmic stablecoin surpasses USDC in market cap. Governance minimalism and oracle minimalism becomes a ‘thing’. Interest in synthetic on-chain asset trading (stocks, indices, commodities) remain subdued. A new breed of crypto funds and trading firms are born, focusing solely on DeFi ‘special situations’. 

Bitcoin ETF is approved and GBTC premium collapses. Market for BTC-denominated custody insurance emerges. Bitcoin goes to $100k. Some exchanges deplete their insurance funds completely. At least one G10 central bank buys Bitcoin.   

Liu Feng, Chief Content Officer, Chainnews and Co-Founder of  Blocks.tech 

My guess is that we will see Mr. Ray Dalio share his holding of BTC in somewhere of 2021. : )

Haseeb Qureshi, Dragonfly Capital Partners

Layer 2s finally launch, but most of the liquidity stays on layer 1. One of the top 5 DeFi projects of 2021 is built by a Chinese team.

Leonhard Weese, Co-founder at The Bitcoin Association of Hong Kong

I believe that in 2021 we in Hong Kong will be spending a lot less time explaining why Bitcoin is important, here to stay and useful to have. People will intuitively ‘get it.’ Yet I also expect that history will repeat itself once more. We will be taken back by the meteoric rise of Bitcoin and then caught off guard as it painfully corrects.

Flex Yang, CEO of Babel Finance

Mining:  The rebalancing of mining power from the East to the West will continue. At the same time, China’s advances in the institutionalization of the mining industry may soon attract major companies or investment funds from the traditional finance  to jump in. Some consolidation or M&As may be expected in the industry.

Asset Allocation: Asian high-net-worth individuals, large family offices and asset managers are more willing to diversify their portfolios with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies to grow their wealth.The continued robust growth and maturation of the crypto financial infrastructure in the region will make them more willing and comfortable with investing in cryptocurrencies.

Regulation: Hong Kong SFC is playing catch up as Singapore’s policies become increasingly progressive for the local crypto market. We anticipate that exchanges will be more compliant with the latest SFC license regime, while the China crypto market will enjoy a more accommodating policy environment as Bitcoin prices increase.

Investment: Crypto firms going IPO will refresh VC’s understanding of the crypto industry potential. More VCs are expected to take a higher interest in investing in crypto companies in the coming year.

CBDC: China will continue testing its DCEP in more cities before launching it to be used by the broader public. The potential of DCEP has not yet been fully understood and I look forward to seeing the impact it makes on anti-money laundering efforts as well as the internationalization of the RMB.

Mindao Yang, Founder dForce and Blockpower Capital

Most of the China retails missed the Bitcoin rally, I think institutional validation of bitcoin and ether will ripple through Asia next year, I would expect more active secondary market in 2021.

DeFi will continue to drive much of the innovation, hype and the retail enthusiasm in addition to Bitcoin and ether and I expect another strong run for DeFi camp in 2021. 

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