Introducing Dove Mountain Partners

Go-to-Market Strategy for Crypto Companies

By Regan Bozman, Business Ops @CoinList. Past lives @AngelList @Handy.?San Francisco. ? New York.

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Go-to-Market Strategy for Crypto Companies

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In retrospect, it was inevitable (Ritz Carlton at Dove Mountain)

I’m excited to announce Dove Mountain Partners, a growth agency focused on helping crypto projects launch tokens and grow networks. We’re already working with some of the top early-stage teams in the space on liquidity provisioning, content marketing, business development, and community growth. We have a long-term focus and aim to build multi-year partnerships by earning stakes in networks.

“Dove Mountain has already had a big impact on Aztec’s public profile — they’ve brought a fresh injection of community-building and marketing strategies, along with excellent content and research…This has been far more effective than hiring for the strategy and marketing roles we would need, as we were able hit the ground running.” — Tom Walton-Pocock (Co-founder of Aztec )

Launching Crypto Networks

“The more things change, the more they stay the same”

-Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr

Models for launching a token-powered network have evolved significantly since the mid 2010’s. Large SAFT sales have faded in favor of auctions and retroactive airdrops. More teams are launching tokens using crypto native tools like Balancer and Uniswap. Most excitingly, teams are increasingly distributing tokens to their communities to create shared upside.

While token distribution models have evolved, the challenges around launching a network have not. Teams need to craft a coherent narrative about their network’s purpose and potential. They need to get their tokens into the hands of end users and get their community excited. They need to develop sustainable token economics.

I’ve had a firsthand seat to these challenges since November 2017 when I joined CoinList as the first employee. I’ve spent the past 3.5 years building the token sales business there and worked on $100M+ in primary transactions including some incredibly successful launches like Filecoin and Solana. I’ve also worked closely with some fantastic early-stage teams as an angel investor including InstaDappOpenSea, and Set Labs.

It’s become clear to me that many crypto projects face the same challenges:

  • Developing an engaged community
  • Creating momentum around a token launch
  • Building repeatable sales processes

Dove Mountain Partners

“Regan’s deep network and experience has been invaluable to the Maple team” — Joe Flanagan (Co-founder of Maple)

Dove Mountain Partners is a growth engine for crypto projects. We act as an extension of a core team and focus on executing to bring products to market.

  • Sales & Partnerships — we have deep experience selling into crypto companies and have successfully lined up integrations with some of the leading DeFi protocols
  • Community growth — we’ve built incentive structures to get communities aligned for the long-term
  • Token launches —we’ve helped teams navigate mechanisms for token distribution and have assisted in lining up millions of dollars of liquidity ahead of launch
  • Marketing — we create high-quality content and help construct narratives about what teams are building

Dove Mountain Partners is currently myself and Yanay Prop. We’re already working with some of the best early-stage teams in the space including:

  • Aztec, which is building cutting-edge privacy-focused scaling solutions for Ethereum
  • Maple, which is building decentralized credit markets
  • xToken, which provides passive and efficient staking strategies

Dove Mountain Partners earn stakes in networks through hands on work. We have a high bar for teams that we choose to work with and we’ve found that capital is generally not a constraint for them. Deep expertise on go-to-market strategy — that’s much harder to come by.

If you’re interested in working with us, reach out — regan [at]

At an Allen & Co conference at Dove Mountain in March 2013, Wences Casares introduced Bitcoin to a number of influential technology executives. This was a pivotal moment in Bitcoin’s early acceptance amongst capital allocators and its no coincidence that important milestones followed.

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