The Liquid Podcast: The Future of DAOs with Aaron Wright from the LAO

The Liquid Podcast: The Future of DAOs with Aaron Wright from the LAO

For the show today, I’m thrilled to welcome Aaron Wright, co-founder of OpenLaw. OpenLaw conceived LAO and Flamingo DAO, which are the most successful DAOs in the crypto space today. In our conversation, Aaron shares the new Neptune DAO that was just launched this week, the current challenges and opportunities with DAOS, and how he believes DAOs will take over Silicon Valley and Wall Street. Other topics we’ve discussed:

1) LAO’s new DAO that was just launched this week- NeptuneDAO

2) Why DAOs? Where are DAOs going?

3) What’s the current structure with DAOs on the backend?

4) How to get into LAO and FlamingoDAO?

You can find Aaron on Twitter @awrigh01.

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