BitClout 101: A Dive into active NBA players

By Jeff Tang, High frequency crypto trader and crypto enthusiast. Princeton Operations Research and Financial Engineering, Ex-Getco, Ex-Founder Serenity Capital.

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As a lifelong basketball fan, a priority of mine is to analyze NBA players on the BitClout platform. We analyze players on BitClout based on price, performance, popularity, and value. The goal is to find players who are the perfect combination of value: the best basketball players, the most popular by followers so great following, and the lowest current price on BitClout.

For basketball credentials, we use John Hollinger’s metric Player Efficiency Rating (PER). PER is a great all-inclusive metric that incorporates per-minute performance. It’s normalized so that the league-average player has a score of 15 while all standard stats such as field goals, free throws, threes, assists, rebounds, blocks, steals, and missed shots, turnovers, and fouls. Its downside is that it’s calculated on a per-minute basis so some specialists who generate massive short-term hustle and bursts of points and rebounds rank highly.

For following we use number twitter followers; in the future we want to use BitClout follower count as the metric. To balance the value of both performance and popularity, we take the normalized geometric mean of PER and twitter followers as a Value Score. Finally, we define BitClout Value as the cost per Value Score per dollar of investment via BitClout Creator token.

The results:

Let’s briefly review:

First, it’s crazy that the top-performing player is not on Twitter and thus not on BitClout! The Serbian basketball king is having a monster year as the Nuggets press the Jazz for the top seed in the Western Conference. On BitClout, as of this writing the following, here are the most valuable BitClout Creator NBA players:

Grand Cru (200+)

  1. Paul George (Yg_Trece): 200 pts. LA Clippers. Part of the superstar-duo with Kawhi, choked in the 2020 playoffs against the Nuggets despite being up 3-1, but with Lue as coach and another year for the team to work on their chemistry.

Premier Cru (100-200)

  1. Demar DeRozan (DeMar_DeRozan) 149 pts: I think DeRozan’s stats will increase now that LaMarcus Aldridge has been waived. Solid performer with a sizeable Twitter following, very underpriced on BitClout.
  2. Andre Drummond (AndreDrummond) 143 pts: Sneaky pick right here, all-around beast, rebounding machine who is active on social media.
  3. Jaylen Brown (FCHWPO) 131 pts: I saw the USA Czech Republic FIBA world group stage game in Shanghai in September 2019 and Jaylen Brown was an absolute beast. The Celtics fell just short last year and I think they have the brightest coach in the league and are ready to make a deep run in 2021.
  4. Kristaps Porzingis (kporzee) 128 pts: Porzingis is a matchup nightmare- tall with range and some sick moves, with one of the best passers in the game in Luka dishing dimes and buckets galore. Slightly surprised he’s here; his low BitClout price and sizeable twitter following place his this high on the list. He’s gone a long way since being booed by the Knicks fans during draft night and I think his career has plenty of upside.
  5. Enes Kanter (eneskanter) 123 pts: Having a great season, I think the Blazers should have used him more last postseason against the Lakers. His offense and skills will keep him as a hot commodity anywhere in this league despite his limitations on defense (although he has improved greatly since his rookie year fresh out of Kentucky).
  6. Rudy Gobert (rudygobert27) 115 pts. Completely crazy that the top two players on the West leading Jazz were picked second-to-last and last during the All Star game. 2-time Defense Player of the Year in 2018 and 2019, 4-time Defensive First Team, 2-time All-Star.
  7. Kevin Durant (kdtrey5) 109 pts. One of my first purchases on BitClout, a killer on the court, automatic buckets and member of the newest Big Three; I think they have all the tools to go all the way and win the NBA championship this year. The most expensive BitClout NBA player on this value-list but I think he has quite a ways to go.
  8. Chris Paul (CP3) 104. Paul is aging like fine wine at the tender age of 35. One of the smartest players in the game, I am pretty sure he will transition into coaching and be one of the best coaches in the next stage of his career. His current career is going fine though, from dragging an OKC team into the playoffs and taking the Clippers to 7 to a massive turnaround job at the Suns where he is bringing the best out of Booker and Ayton. There’s a reason Paul played the last quarter of the 2020 All Star Game with Team Lebron despite not being an All Star Starter. Fun fact about CP3: in high school, one day after his 61-year-old grandfather was murdered, he scored 61 points in a game to honor his grandfather, missed the next free throw intentially, and then removed himself from the game. He was only 6 points away from the state record but didn’t care– some things are more important than basketball.

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