The Liquid Podcast: Building Communities and Investing with Peter Pan from 1kx

The Liquid Podcast: Building Communities and Investing with Peter Pan from 1kx

Peter Pan joins us from 1kx. Peter shares his journey of how he broke his way into the crypto space, his learnings from building Metacartel and Venture DAO, his advice for community builders, and how 1kx thinks about investing in the space.

Topics we’ve discussed include:

– what do you spend most of your time on at 1kx?
– you had a pretty atypical investor journey, what are the top 3 learnings that helped you become a better investor from your past life?
– how should our. audience think about the investment thesis for venturedao vs that of 1kx? do they overlap and who should they approach
– I’m curious, what were the challenges mental model shifts for you when becoming a full-time crypto investor?
– I know you are an avid reader, what are the top 3 learnings do you apply in your current views of the space from your time spent reading about cryptography and history?
– from our conversation with the community, they have said that you are an amazing community leader. This is something that everyone is actively trying to pursue these days, what do you think about community and what are the top 3 tangible pieces of advice you have for community building?

If you’d like to see more from him, you can follow him on Twitter @pet3rpan.
Also, join our new Discord group in the description below and chat about the latest investing trends and insights from crypto! 

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