$GCR Writers Airdrop

We are doing a $GCR airdrop for ALL THE WRITERS in the crypto space!

Even if you are not a writer, you are eligible to earn! Read- on to learn more!

As you know, Global Coin Research is launching a community token! Ahead of the $GCR launch, we want to appreciate and honor all the writers, contributors and journalists in this space with a Writers Airdrop.

?We fundamentally believe that the current writing platforms are broken.

Rent-seeking platforms like Medium are not allowing writers to monetize effectively, and platforms like Substack are very poor at supporting part-time contributors because of their inherent subscription model. 

?Coming to GlobalCoinResearch.com in the next few weeks, writers will receive $GCR in exchange for their work. 

We want to reward writers directly, just like how NFTs have done for artists. $GCR writers will earn tokens regardless of how often they write, whether that’s once a month, or once a year. All that matters is the quality of their work, and that will be judged by the readers and the audience.

This airdrop will last from Friday April, 2nd to April 4th. While supplies last.

?Even if you are not a writer, you can earn some $GCR by doing the following:

– go on Twitter and respond to this message 
– in your message, tag a writer friend
– Share your favorite piece of theirs
– Share your Metamask address in the same tweet

Note: You must do all of the above to eligible to earn the $GCR!

? What’s the end goal for $GCR?

We are jumping ahead, but its important to share with you our vision. ??

The end goal for $GCR is to create a community whereby writers are supported directly by consumers of their content. https://www.caasimada.net/

So what does that mean?

Practically, it means a few things:

– it means that writers will get paid directly by their readers, and the amount earned will be partially determined by how many views their pieces get. 

– It also means that writers will get supported directly by the $GCR ecosystem. I.e. If you think about the reader profiles of TechCrunch or The Information, they are often investors, and they are making decisions and taking actions based on the content provided. With our token model, an investor who wants to get access to our deal discord group will eventually have to stake their $GCR in liquidity pools and get access to the deals directly with their liquidity pool (LP) tokens.

We are partnering with Mintgate team on many of these developments and we can’t wait to show you!

There will be more to come for all of this. We know this is a big goal, and we are probably one of the first communities looking to accomplish it on a large scale. But we believe this is the way. 

? To learn more

Checkout our recent piece:

What is GCR?
$GCR Phase 1

?Don’t let us tell you. Join Our Discord Group here and See the Party for Yourself!

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