$GCR Media Mining

$GCR Media Mining

$GCR is a Tokenized Community of Researchers and Investors in the crypto space. Join our community today to get access to all the best investments ideas and deal flow, workshops and direct access to founders and key players in the space.

You will need 100 $GCR tokens to join the Discord community. You can purchase the token on Uniswap here and join the gated Discord group here.

We Value Our Writers, Current Content Platforms Do Not

Traditional content media businesses have always excelled at gathering the best of minds and opinions. And this trend has only been amplified with the onset of self-publishing platforms such as Medium and Substack.

Nevertheless, value capture and payment for writers on these self-publishing platforms continue to fall short. While Substack and Medium give writers more control, they fail to allow writers to earn and capture that value directly.

A subscription model such as Substack still only benefits a few. As with subscription-oriented businesses, writers are expected to write consistently and build a following on their own.

It’s Hard to Monetize for Writers

There is a reason why news reporters and centralized content media businesses still exist, although perhaps for not much longer.

Not only do these reporters have a strong platform behind them that will amplify the reach of each author and her piece, but these businesses also have a strong team of editors, designers, and social media managers that will polish every piece to a high standard.

As a result, the combination of curation and editorial prowess continues to allow these centralized businesses to exist, and writers and reporters can expect to earn a consistent income stream as a result.

Current publishing platforms and content businesses do not cater well to writers in crypto, especially for writers who write on an infrequent basis.

There is no infrastructure for writers to monetize and publicize. Some writers opt to become “contributors” to established content businesses in order to reach an audience, but often that means they trade-off any expectation for payment of their work.

Global Coin Research Allows Writers to Get Paid AND Have a Quality Audience

As a respected publishing platform in crypto for the last 4 years, and a partner and contributor to The Information, TechCrunch, The Block, Decrypt, Chainnews, 8btc and other leading publications in the crypto and non-crypto space, Global Coin Research is looking to solve the aforementioned issues heads on.

Global Coin Research has a wide newsletter distribution and public recognition with the top crypto executives, founders, investors and press in the space. And they continue to support us in our community and newsletter, while we surface them all the writers on our platform directly.

We have the best content and writers already with us and writing on our platform- including seasoned journalists, investors, advisors, and traders with deep insights into their respective fields.

With the ability to earn $GCR tokens for every piece written, we want to continue to empower the writers to do what they do the best, promote them and allow them to get paid for their work immediately.


Transform How Writers and Contributors are Getting Paid and Supported in the Space

We are disrupting the publishing platforms in numerous ways, but here are the main things:

  • All writers on Global Coin Research will earn $GCR tokens
  • Anyone can become a writer and earn $GCR when they write a piece on Global Coin Research
  • All writers’ pieces on GCR will be promoted on Global Coin Research’s widely distributed newsletter, along with social media and all our community channels.
  • Seasoned GCR writers can opt to become an editor and can earn $GCR tokens when they edit a piece
  • Writers and editors will get $GCR immediately upon approval of the piece

Interested in learning more? Here’s a breakdown of what writers get directly from our platform:

  • Anyone now can become a writer on GCR if their piece pass through the editorial review. Start with registering for an account today
  • Writers and editors will get $GCRs in their account immediately after the post gets approved
  • Writers get access to all the Global Coin Research’s existing resources – editors, social media, outreach teams to surface your content with the best SEO
  • Writers will qualify to join our exclusive Discord writers channel where they can share breaking news and insights, best practices and more.

Media Mining Officially Starts Thursday, April 15!

The $GCR media mining program will begin at 12:00PM PDT on April 15, 2021. The mining program will run for a period of 90 days.

Upwards of 15% of all $GCR tokens have been allocated to the $GCR media mining phase. $GCR tokens released under this phase are locked up for 2 months since the date earned, and will be vested linearly for 6 months. They will be able to withdraw their tokens directly from GlobalCoinResearch.com

Every writer will earn 250 $GCR for their new, original and exclusive pieces on GCR during this period. To learn more on how to write on the platform, go here.

Overtime, writers will eventually be paid directly by the readers on the platform.

Go to “Write New Post” To Start Writing!

What Else Can I Do with My $GCR?

  1. Governance– The main purpose of $GCR is to be used to govern our entire ecosystem including the publishing platform, treasury, and operations. GlobalCoinResearch will over time hand over all control and management to the community. There will be community assigned editors and administrators. In the meanwhile, the token will be used to subsidize and form community bounties for the writers.
  2. Liquidity- Users can add liquidity to the $GCR <> ETH Uniswap pool and stake those to earn yield.
  3. Access– holders of $GCR can access our exclusive $GCR community events in Discord- including the most up-to-date research and analysis in the group, founder access, and ongoing direct deal flow.
  4. For Writers- Crypto writers are a core part of our ecosystem. Over time, readers will pay $GCR to read quality content on Global Coin Research.
  5. HODL– Starting soon, GCR holders will have an opportunity to earn from the community rewards pool. The ability to claim will be dependent on the amount of on-chain actions they take within our ecosystem.

While we have shared our $GCR Phase 1 plan around communities, it’s paramount to know that GlobalCoinResearch.com lays the foundation for our platform and community. Where information is shared and contributed on GlobalCoinResearch.com, in-depth discussions and community events are held in Discord.


We’re a very active and open community, and we are even more excited about moving towards a path to further community ownership.

Want to help around anything? Just come do it and get rewarded accordingly. All our conversations are happening in Discord right now, and we have an invite-only Discord channel just for writers!

? Join Our Discord Community!

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