$GCR Inaugural Community Call 4/20/21

$GCR Inaugural Community Call 4/20/21

GCR Community Agenda:  

  • What is $GCR and what is the media mining program?
  • What’s happening now and what’s coming?
  • Community calls will take place every 2 weeks

Q&A during the call: 

1. Re.articles for GCR before its only East to  West Crypto ? Now it looks like it’s become international – Yes, we are focusing on research, high quality alpha generating content, regardless of geographical location.

2. Have you considered migrating to Discord ? Yes, our writers channel is in discord, we will look to slowly migrate to discord.

3. What’s your next big milestone? Readers will be able to pay writers directly with gcr tokens when they are reading their pieces. analystprep.com ambient light online Writers will earn gcr tokens directly related to how much traffic they receive on their post.

4. Have you thought about a free version like having ads? Yes, we will potentially allow PR companies to pay to post press releases on GCR, and also future earnings from some of our syndicates could be used to burn GCR tokens.

5. Do you think you guys will be like seeking alpha? Yes, there are parallels. One of writers on GCR is that our platform has distribution and media presence, we can easily push content to the top execs and founders in the space.

6. Would be great to see a column around projects and the metrics that the team watch out for when they launch- Yes, we will do bounties for those, and in fact, we are looking to allow individuals to post bounties for topics that they’d like to see and earn from a cut of that when the piece gets written. Furthermore, soon after the media mining campaign, writers will be able to attribute their earnings to the ideator, the editor and the GCR platform as well.

Any questions: you may send an email to hello@globalcoinresearch

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