Nasdaq Listed Company Esports Technologies ($EBET) Accepts 30+ Different Forms of Crypto for Deposits

Esports Technologies' Wagering Platform Now Accepting Bitcoin, Dogecoin  Deposits

Esports Technologies is a platform that is developing technology to allow the public to place bets/ wagers on esports events, similar to how we would bet on a traditional sporting event. This market as of last year was estimated to be worth $17 Billion and growing.

The company is looking to merge together two of the fastest growing markets between Cryptocurrency and Esports. The Egaming world is growing rapidly, as is the crypto marketplace and Esports Technologies ($EBET) looks primed to lead the charge in combining the two spaces.

It’s no secret that more and more publicly listed companies are beginning to intertwine itself with the crypto space. Companies like Tesla, Square, Microstrategy have all put 9 figures plus of Bitcoin onto their balance sheet, but Esports technologies is taking it to another level involving coins for deposits. Obviously main players such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and even Dogecoin.

Here is the link for the news on Yahoo:

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