Coinvise x $GCR

Coinvise x $GCR

Coinvise is thrilled to be partnering with Global Coin Research: a community owned research platform with direct alpha access. The $GCR token is designed as a community token that provides exclusive access for members to dealflow, research, insights and collaboration.

The ultimate mission of $GCR and is to bring together writers, investors, executives and community members. Being part of the $GCR community provides members high-quality and direct access in the crypto space, ranging from alpha ideas and sights on, to community events with executives and founders, and exclusive deal flow.

Community Ownership Through Media Mining

As GCR moves towards a community owned platform, holders of the token can collectively add value through writing content through Media Mining, actively participating in community initiative, events and deal flow. To get access to the community, join the public discord group or sign up for their mailing list for weekly research and events.

How to use $GCR?

Holders of the $GCR token can use the token for:

  • Access– holders of $GCR can access our exclusive $GCR community events in Discord including the most up-to-date research and analysis in the group, founder access, and ongoing direct deal flow.
  • Write- Crypto writers are a core part of the $GCR ecosystem. Over time, readers will pay $GCR to read quality content on Global Coin Research.
  • Governance– The main purpose of $GCR is to be used to govern our entire ecosystem including the publishing platform, treasury, and operations. GlobalCoinResearch will over time hand over all control and management to the community. There will be community assigned editors and administrators. In the meanwhile, the token will be used to subsidize and form community bounties for the writers community.
  • Liquidity- Users can add liquidity to the $GCR <> ETH Uniswap pool and stake those to earn yield.

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