$GCR x Covalent – Media Mine with the Best Research API

$GCR x Covalent – Media Mine with the Best Research API

$GCR is a Tokenized Community of Researchers and Investors in the crypto space. Join our community today to get access to all the best investments ideas and deal flow, workshops and direct access to founders and key players in the space.

You will need 100 $GCR tokens to join the Discord members-only channels. You can purchase the token on Uniswap here. Get a feel of the Discord community here.

Media Mining with Covalent

During the current period in which GCR is conducting media mining, we are encouraging all of the Covalent and GCR community of researchers and analysts to join us and earn $GCR, along with an exclusive, unique $GCR x Covalent NFT, when sharing research or analysis-driven piece using the Covalent API and the resources provided by the Covalent team. 

Each approved submission will earn 250 $GCR tokens. Writers will earn the tokens immediately upon approval of their piece.

Have any questions? Read on-

How to Write and Earn $GCR when using the Covalent API

Please note, below are the types of content that GCR x Covalent media mining will accept:

  1. Deep analysis or data-oriented research leveraging the Covalent API  (example)
  2. A series of Covalent powered charts that tells a story (example)
  3. Simplified, deep-dive explanations or guide in an objective tone, such as instructions on how to use the Covalent API (example)
  4. Opinion pieces on the crypto space leveraging resources provided by the Covalent team  (example)

To start writing on GCR, follow the instructions here!

If you have any questions- please email hello@globalcoinresearch.com or reach out @globalcoinresearch on Discord.

Coming Up-Office Hours with the Covalent Team

The Covalent team will be hosting office hours twice a week at 5pm EST on Tuesday and Thursday. Writers and the research community can dial in to learn more about the API, Alchemist program, Alpha Alarm, and other amazing resources and tutorials provided by the Covalent team. Make sure to signup for the upcoming one!

In Case You Missed It, Check Out our Covalent x GCR Kickoff

On Friday, CEO of Covalent Ganesh Swami and CEO of Global Coin Research officially kicked off the event with the community. Checkout the replay here:

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