$GCR Community Call #2 – 5/4/21

$GCR Community Call #2 – 5/4/21


Introductions– Lina Zhao, head of growth for $GCR 

Happening right now:

  • Media Mining x Covalent partnership
  • Token

Upcoming Plans

  • Media Mining x dYdX 
  • Lina ‘s Growth Plans

Detailed notes ->>

Last Two Weeks

$GCR Community Group (Requires 50 $GCR)

  • Token holders got access to the Upenn Blockchain Conference
  • Implementing Collab Land Bot this upcoming week
  • Multiple events and deal calls took place on Discord. 
    • Structure, Ethermore, Paras, Rain AI, Coinvise, Bitchcoin, Bitquery, Covalent 

$GCR Alpha Group  (Requires 100 $GCR)

  • Now 32 members, have done multiple deals with the group
    • DAOSquare, Defi Portal, Upshot, etc
  • Very lively and engaged group 

Happening Right Now: Media Mining x Covalent Partnership

  • Writers earn 250 GCR tokens and Covalent x GCR NFT in exchange for 
  1. Deep analysis or data-oriented research using the Covalent API/charts
  2. Simplified, deep-dive explanations or guides
  3. Chart analysis

Coming up – $GCR Media Mining x dYdX

Token Update

  • Looking to use Forefront’s staking reward platform to reward tokens to LPs who stake
  • Explored using carry earned from GCR deals to burn tokens, but legal has advised that it is too similar to security characteristics

Bringing Further Value to the Community

Setting up events other than deals such as:

  • Partnership with other conferences
  • Educational series on trading, investing, etc
  •  Direct contact with funds who are interested in sharing their story

Growth Plan In the next 2 months:

  • Partner/ introduce GCR to top tier universities (actively involved in the blockchain space)
    • University of California, Berkeley (Largest blockchain club) 
    • University of Pennsylvania (Second largest blockchain club)
    • New York University 
  • Crypto Group (Educational):
    • The Blockchain Education Network (BEN) 
    • 21.2K Followers on Twitter
    • Research groups
    • Meetups 

Growth Plan – Partnerships 

  • Continue to grow partnerships in the crypto space
    • Partnership deals like dydx
    • Crypto organizations
    • Blockchain sponsors

Notable Media Writers and Pieces

  •  Inside NFTs: an interview with Nanu Berks
  • Part of the $GCR Bounty


Kyle Wang for actively participating in our community and also introducing us to Nanu Berks!

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