$GCR x dYdX

$GCR x dYdX

$GCR is a Tokenized Community of Researchers and Investors in the crypto space. Join our community today to get access to all the best investments ideas and deal flow, workshops and direct access to founders and key players in the space.

You will need 100 $GCR tokens to join the Discord-members channel. You can purchase the token on Uniswap here and join the gated Discord group here.

During the period in which GCR is conducting Media Mining, we are encouraging the dYdX and GCR community of researchers and analysts to join us.

Writers and researchers are eligible to earn 250 $GCR when contributing an insightful, alpha-driven piece focused on the trading space (more details below) and an ADDITIONAL $60 reward from dYdX (after depositing at least $50 on dYdX).

Each approved submission will earn 250 $GCR tokens, equivalent to $500 or more in earnings, and an ADDITIONAL $60 reward from dYdX after depositing at least $50 USDC on dYdX. 

Writers will earn the tokens immediately upon approval of their piece. Read more about it here. Receipt of $60 from dYdX is subject to these rules.

How to Write and Earn $GCR + dYdX bonus

Below are the types of content that GCR x dYdX will accept:

1 Deep analysis or data-oriented research around trading, involving perpetuals (with a mention of dYdX).
2 Alpha generating ideas when trading perpetuals on dYdX.
3 Simplified, deep-dive explanations or guide in an objective tone on how to use and interact with dYdX (with mention of dYdX Perpetuals).
4 Opinion pieces on the crypto trading space (with mention of dYdX).

If you have any questions- please email hello@globalcoinresearch.com or reach out on Discord.

Here are the criterias for the submission:

  • Have no less than 300 words (unless your post is in category #2)
  • Include images, charts, and illustrations
  • Use subtitles and subheadings to break down the piece into more digestible contents
  • Grammar check (we recommend Grammarly)
  • To get a more in-depth understanding of how to have a fantastic post, see our contributor guide.

To start writing on GCR, follow the instructions and go here!

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