Where are the New Jobs for Creators in Web3?

Where are the New Jobs for Creators in Web3?

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Although it has been a week of massive blood bath in various cryptocurrency markets, there is no denying how the discourse has dominated the news outlets. The pandemic made more Europe take note of the various opportunities available in Crypto trading and investment. More people continue to join the train for financial freedom, even if it does not look like it right about now. Cryptocurrency has evolved beyond the discourse on only Bitcoin and Ethereum. Now, there are a plethora of altcoins that have gained momentum in the world today. The amount of Dogecoin holders has skyrocketed in the past few months, with the coin doing great numbers until this week. There are other coins such as Safe moon and Shiba making rounds in the media. 

However, with the hustle and bustle in the crypto market, writers have found it difficult to get value for their work. With the clamor for information on everything Cryptocurrency, there is an increased number of writers in the digital currency space. Unfortunately, these writers are not valued for their work. The amount of research crypto writers has to conduct to churn our unique daily content begs why do publishing platforms not cater to their writers?

Interestingly, many writers turn to centralized content media because of their strong backing. The teamwork and underground synergy of activities help make their content even more impressive than the last one. But for how long will Crypto writers’ slave for a token of their value (pun intended). Writers prefer to become contributors to established news and media outlets since they can reach enough people through their content. Most times, the solace is the wide following that these platforms have. However, the underappreciation of Crypto writers does not have to continue. It cannot continue as Global Coin Research allows writers to earn well and gain an organic audience. 

For enthusiastic writers reading this piece, there is now a reason to enjoy the thrill of writing quality crypto content and getting paid well. Questions must be flying all around the place you are currently reading this. One of the pertinent question’s writers must have is how does GCR pay their writers if other established companies do not?

Crypto Writers Goldmine

Global Coin research has been a routable publishing platform in the digital currency space for the last four years. The platform has garnered enough respect with partnerships with TechCrunch, Decrypt, 8btc, and other non-crypto organizations. 

The platform’s goal is to bury the issue of poor infrastructure for writers and help them monetize their works. GCR boasts an elite team of writers, journalists, investors, advisers, traders that have a wealth of experience in their various areas of specialization. Interestingly, the team is filled with editors who also have sufficient knowledge in the trading and technical aspect of Cryptocurrency. Therefore, the content is properly polished to engage and provide the necessary insight for the audience. 

Gradually allow the scales to fall from your eyes as we journey into the writing model which GCR uses to pay their writers. 

$GCR Writing Model

GCR believes in empowering writers, especially with the way Cryptocurrency has become second nature to many people worldwide. The platform values writers since they research the latest trends in the cryptocurrency market and properly document their findings. 

With this in mind, GCR offers writers $GCR tokens for each piece they write. Asides from exposing the writers to a wide audience, GCR affords writers the luxury of earning digital currency that can catapult them to financial stability. 

Each writer and editor on GCR are entitled to a GCR token for every piece that get approved. Furthermore, writers gain unlimited access to GCRs resources and abolished content to an eagerly awaiting audience. 

Specifically, each writer will get a 250 $GCR token for their original pieces on Cryptocurrency and blockchain analysis and insights. The readers will pay $GCR to read their works on GCR, and each writer is credited for their quality work. 

The media mining program officially started in April 2021, with people earning their GCR tokens from the Global Coin search. The mining program will last for 90 days, and it started on the 15th day of April.  With the mining program in full effect, writers can earn immediately. 

The Future for the Creator Economy

With the GCR token gaining momentum, there is a huge goldmine for writers to benefit from this. The era of being undervalued has been abolished. Now, writers can rest assured that there is a proper structure of patent and value in the GCR community.

The possibilities are endless with the growth of GCR as a platform. Consequently, many more readers are signing up for the platform. There is no limit to the number of readers that will read your piece. It is exciting to be a crypto writer as GCR has found an intuitive way to keep readers engaged, valued, and supported.

Furthermore, writers with exceptional quality in churning out crypto content get invited to an elite Discord Writer’s channel. At this point, writers familiarize themselves with a whole team of experts that r on-hand to share news as it unfolds in the market. 


The dilemma which writers face after struggling to create insightful content in the digital currency space and not getting recognition is mind-boggling. The segregation of writers to content creators only and not according to them the appropriate respects has eaten deep into many platforms. However, GCR is one of the few platforms that strives to improve the environment where writers work. The need to empower writers so that they can create content that will transcend time. 

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