5 Ways Writers Can Become Crypto-Rich

5 Ways Writers Can Become Crypto-Rich

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There is no better time to be a writer in cryptocurrency than right now.

Yes, before now, writing cryptocurrency articles was a thrill for many writers. But with the introduction of different cryptocurrencies, there is so much more to write on now, especially with new coins gaining prominence in the crypto space.

Now, the world has truly woken up to the prospects of Crypto, and they need people to document the Crypto way of life. Some years ago, the chants of the “Ponzi scheme” where cryptocurrency was mentioned had turned to screams of pure joy. People have turned cryptocurrency into a goldmine and are enjoying riches from space.

Cryptocurrency does not offer traders, miners, and investors opportunities alone, but writers can also benefit immensely. You would be surprised at the number of websites that pay writers in cryptocurrency.

One such platform is Global Coin Research and its media mining program. This platform offers writers reward and recognition for their work. Writers benefit tremendously from this platform as once their piece makes it through the cut, they make 250$GCR.

To many, this token is considered the next big thing in cryptocurrency, with Dogecoin, Safe moon, and other altcoins available on many exchanges. The more readers read cryptocurrency pieces, the higher the writers earn. https://egfwd.com

Other websites pay writers in Crypto; some of them are:

? Coin circle

? Bounty Hunting

? Steemit

Now that we have seen it is possible to write and earn in Crypto, the most important question comes up next. How do Crypto writers make money from writing for these platforms?

As a result of cryptocurrency being one of the most sought-after topics globally, there is a need for creative writers. Believe it or not, many platforms like these are frantically soliciting the skills of Crypto writers that understand the terrains of different markets. Consequently, these writers have different ways of making good money from commentating in Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins through relevant content.

Here are five ways writers can make crypto-rich

  1. Writing reviews

    This is one of the most common ways writers get to millionaire status through Crypto. Many websites as we have mentioned before, talk all about cryptocurrency. Of course, they need experts who can talk about different markets’ performances in the crypto space. People want to know what is going on with their investments. Plus, others are looking at some other coins, checking to see if it is worth investing in or not. The reviews give people insights into the moves they need to take and when they can make those moves.

    2. News Network

    Platforms like DNN Media provide a viable platform for news journalists to put their skills to the test. Writers can publish their works independently on this platform and on many more like GCR and get compensation in Crypto. Writers can even earn extra with more content they churn in.

    3. Affiliate Marketing

    Writers also make tons of money from Crypto writing by setting up their blog and posting free content on there. However, there is a catch: writers can attach links to Crypto platforms and exchanges for their readers to subscribe to. With this, they can earn well in Crypto. However, it all depends on the reach and rate at which the audience reads the blog.

    4. Whitepapers

    Many companies are looking to diversify into Crypto, NFTs, and other digital currencies on the market today. With their relative newness in the crypto space, they need writers that can draft whitepapers that sum up the company’s operations is looking to venture into Crypto. Whitepapers can be from 5 pages to anywhere above 30 pages. It takes a great deal of work, and the writers are rewarded handsomely either by Crypto or by FIAT currency. Either way, it is a win Fateh for commentators on paper.

    5. Bitcoin News Sites

    Bitcoin still remains one of the hottest Cryptocurrencies ever to grace this green earth. Many traders still sought after even with the massive dip, which people are still struggling to get out from. Regardless of the downtrend, writers can make good money writing for Bitcoin news websites. Crypto coins News is one website that constantly looks for top-notch writers who have great insight into market trends.


    This is the time writers need to pick up their pen and leverage on the love for cryptocurrency. There are amazing platforms such as GCR that compensate writers for their hard work in creating unique content for people to learn. Therefore, it is up to you as a writer to search for these opportunities and find what best suits you.

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