Monthly $GCR Deal Recap

Monthly $GCR Deal Recap

$GCR is a social token community where all the best writers, researchers, and investors in the crypto space can come together.

Holders of $GCR and writers on the platform get access to the best resources the community has to offer, including but not limited to deep insights and research generated by the community, founder-focused events online and offline, learning and user feedback sessions, and direct deal-flow.

A Look Into Our Community Deal-Access

Once every two weeks, we want to share some of the past community deal flow from the previous month.

Anyone who joined our Discord community has direct access to these deals and call with founders.

To be a part of the group you must own at least 100 $GCR cryptocurrency tokens You can join the Discord here, you will need 100 $GCR to join.

Don’t forget to register for an account on GCR to get email updates on some deal sneak peaks.

To learn more, check out our FAQ!

April $GCR Community Deals

  • Onramp

A Digital Asset Platform For Advisors By Advisors

  • Maple Finance

Maple Finance Liquidity Mining Round

  • Kraken

$GCR had access to an early employee at Kraken who is selling at $49/share (slightly under $10B valuation)

  • DeGate


  • Bitchcoin


Pre-IPO round. Europe’s leading payments service with a “buy now, pay later” model. Current investors include Sequoia, GIC (Singapore Sovereign Wealth Fund), Visa, Ant Group, Silverlake. Customers include Adidas, Sephora, Macy’s, H&M, Topshop, etc.

$1mn secondary block of preferred shares of @ series D valuation.

and this was not all… Join our community Discord group to get the full access!

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