Global Coin Research ($GCR)– A Tokenized Community

Global Coin Research ($GCR)– A Tokenized Community

$GCR community

$GCR is the cryptocurrency token for Global Coin Research. The token holds a competitive edge to competitors via the $GCR platform formed of Its holders and writers.

Through this community, users get access to community-provided research and insights into the crypto space, along with other online learning and founder-focused events and deal flow. To become a part of the $GCR community, 50 $GCR cryptocurrency tokens are required. 

Other than writers and researchers, members of the community include technology executives, investors and enthusiasts from within the crypto-sphere. These individuals are based all around the world and share various global crypto opportunities with other members of the community. Such a setup is designed to value experiences and expertise from an international crypto community, while also establishing $GCR’s status as a research and writing platform. 

As opposed to other digital token communities, $GCR thrives on the research-based insight of the crypto market provided by seasonal experts and writers. This presents a viable and differentiated product to the crypto market, which brings journalistic aspect of the fintech space together with senior investors and cryptocurrency gurus. The writers support community members with information and education, while the community members support writers by earning $GCR.

There is complete democracy for the community to decide matters for the $GCR token, whose existence has been set to be limited to 10 million tokens. Such factors, along with a limited supply of the $GCR token is set to drive its price under increased demand.

Unlike conventional crypto tokens, the GCR platform would not burn tokens to pump price or adopt external shoutouts and advocacies to affect token value. With continued participation from the community to make the platform better, the Global Coin Research Platform will continue to grow and only become more popular among the masses. 

How to buy $GCR

$GCR can be purchased via Coinbase. The first step is to purchase Ethereum (ETH) with fiat money, such as USD, GBP via Coinbase. Then, the purchased ETH is transferred into Ethereum’s browser-based walled called Metamask, from where the ETH can be swapped for $GCR at the Uniswap Exchange. 

Once bought in excess of 50 $GCR, users can get access to all GCR community events and resources, in addition to writing on Global Coin Research during Media Mining to earn 250 $GCR per approved post. $GCR can also be earned via joining and interacting with other members on the gated Discord group. 

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