$GCR Community Call #3 Recap – 6/2/21

$GCR Community Call #3 Recap – 6/2/21


Introduction – Lyan – community for GCR!

Last one month update

  • $GCR Community Group (Requires 50 $GCR)
  • $GCR Alpha Group (Requires 100 $GCR)
  • Deal updates
  • Token updates

Happening Right Now:

  • Media Mining x dYdX Partnership
  • Continue to Focus on High-Value Events

Growth Plan In the next 2 months

  • Engage in marketing and PR firms
  • Transition to Discord for community growth

Full Replay here:

Detailed notes ->>

Last one month update

$GCR Community Group (Requires 50 $GCR)

  • Retention: added weekly shoutouts to members 
  • Monthly award for community contributors 
  • Really popular events- trading workshops/ investing and meeting founders
    • Dystopia Labs, Trading Workshop with David Tomu, Clear Chain Capital, Mintgate

$GCR Alpha Group  (Requires 100 $GCR)

  • 40 members, have done multiple deals with the group
    • Define-Art, Coinvise, Catalog, Szns

Separately, GCR has set up an decentralized investment team to vet the deals that we bring to the community

Deal updates

  • Bitchcoin 
    • listing on Phillips auction house and also the WSJ
  • Maple Finance
    • Launched mainnet and  first liquidity pool
  • On-ramp 
    • Announced integration with Wisdom Tree and various partners since raise
  • Klarna and Kraken 
    • Up 50% in valuations from our round 

Token updates

  • Exploring options to list on centralized exchanges
  • Implementing and mirroring some DAO functions include snapshot and others for community decision making
  • Token unlock will began in mid-June from Media Mining, tokens will be vested linearly for 6 months for writers

Happening Right Now: 

  • Media Mining x dYdX Partnership
    • Writers and researchers on $GCR will be earning 250 $GCR and an ADDITIONAL $60 reward from dYdX, when contributing an insightful or alpha-driven piece focused on the trading space

Upcoming call with dYdX to High-level different trading ideas

  • How to trade perpetuals
  • Share some of their insights on strategies for trading on dYdX

Continue to Focus on High Value Events

  • GCR Event at BTC Miami
  • Educational series on trading, investing, etc
  • Direct exposure and meeting with funds
  • Direct meeting with project founders

Growth Plan In the next 2 months:

  • Engage in marketing and PR firms to increase $GCR awareness (in conversations with Defiant, Yap Global, etc)
  • Transition to Discord for community growth

Notable Media Writers and Pieces

  • Demystifying the Security Debate Around Layer 2 Scaling Solutions

Help Asks

  • Introduction to centralized exchanges
  • Partners for media mining
  • Companies raising that would like to reach a quality audience

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