Monthly $GCR Deal Recap

$GCR is a Tokenized Community of Researchers and Investors in the crypto space. Join our community today to get access to all the best investments ideas and deal flow, workshops and direct access to founders and key players in the space.

You will need 100 $GCR tokens to join the Discord community. You can purchase the token on Uniswap here and join the gated Discord group here.

A Look Into Our Community Deal-Access

On a montly basis, we want to share some of the past community deal flow from the previous month.

Anyone who joined our Discord community has direct access to these deals and call with founders.

To be a part of the group you must own at least 100 $GCR cryptocurrency tokens You can join the Discord here, you will need 100 $GCR to join.

Don’t forget to register for an account on GCR to get email updates on some deal sneak peaks.To learn more, check out our FAQ!

A Sample of May $GCR Community Deals

A defi platform to bridge offline and the online world

  • Mintgate – Seed

Gate any content or create NFT access

  • Ryze – seed

Ryze is building the best bank account for the crypto community

  • Dutchie– Secondary

Cannabis online for pickup or delivery.

Updates on Existing Deals


Maple Finance

  • Launched mainnet and first liquidity pool, tokens have become liquid and distributions to our investors have started.


  • Announced integration with Wisdom Tree and doing another round of fundraising since then.

Klarna and Kraken 

  • Up 50% in private market valuations from our round 

and this was not all… Join our community Discord group to get the full access!

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