$GCR Creator Challenge

$GCR is a social token community with a writers platform and token-gated Discord group. It’s where all the best writers, researchers, and community members in the crypto space can come together.

Holders of $GCR and writers on the platform get access to the best resources the community has to offer, including but not limited to deep insights and research generated by the community, founder-focused events online and offline, learning and user feedback sessions, and direct deal-flow.

The thing that makes $GCR different is that in order to be a part of the group you must own at least 100 $GCR cryptocurrency tokens.

You can join the token- gated Discord community hereyou will need 100 $GCR to join.

$GCR Creator Challenge

The GCR Creator Challenge is an opportunity for creators and artists to create awesome content, in whatever form they prefer, on related GCR topics such as i.e. media mining, alpha group, investments, etc

We are offering over 3000 $GCR for top submissions.

We are looking for:

– Creative art NFTs;

– Memes;

– Discord sticker package (Discord stickers max image size 256kb)

– Promo videos on media mining/investments/gcr community related topics;

– Infographics;

– Other creative mediums

Challenge Period

The challenge will start tomorrow and run for for 15 days (ending on July 12th)


1st prize – Airpod Max Pro, or equivalent to 1300 $GCR (1 placement)

2nd place – 800 $GCR (2 placements, or 400 $GCR each)

3rd place – DJI Tello Drone, or equivalent to 600 $GCR (3 placements, 200 $GCR each).

All other participants – Apple Airtag, or 60 $GCR equivalent each


Follow @globalcoinrsrch and tweet your submission tagging us and use the hashtag #gcrcreatorbounty. You can submit multiple times.


The top submissions will be filtered using a discord poll after the deadline, with equal participation from the GCR Community, ALPHA members, collaborators, and the GCR core team.

Have Questions? Go to GCR.Community

If you have any questions join our community Discord and leave your questions in the #gcr-bounties.


The GCR token has no intrinsic value. Its sole purpose will be to be used for governance.

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