Coinvise Raises $2.5M to Build a Social Network for the Web3 Creator Economy

Coinvise Raises $2.5M to Build a Social Network for the Web3 Creator Economy

The Coinvise Team is excited to have raised $2.5M for our seed round, to help creators build open economies on web3.

Investments were led by IDEO CoLab Ventures, Galaxy Digital HK with participation from Scalar Capital, A.Capital, DeFi Alliance, FreeCo, Global Coin Research, Perpetual Value, Morgan Beller and Block0. Angels included Jill Carlson, Jaynti Kanani (Polygon Network), Alex Masmej (Showtime), Don Ho, Scott Moore, Krishna Sriram, Sudarshan Sridharan and Kerman Kohli.

The team is proud to work with and have the continued support from The LAO, Volt Capital, Reuben Bramanathan, Cooper Turley and Joyce Yang.

This is an incredible milestone for us to grow our team and scale our platform to the next billion creators.


Coinvise, founded by Jenil Thakker, enables creators or communities to mint social tokens and build incentives around them on Ethereum and Polygon (Matic) Network. We’ve built tools that make it easy for creators to utilize their token for rewards, airdrops, crowdfunding, gated access and NFTs.

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We’re building an open, creator first platform enabling not just seamless interaction but also discoverability for creators to grow their community. Additionally, Coinvise takes no cuts from creator revenue and enables them to integrate our tools on Discord and extend it through Developer APIs.


With the rise of micro-economies and community owned social tokens in 2020, social networks redefine how we work. Tokens like $FF represent shared value and ownership in DAOs. They have helped creators build positive-sum mechanisms, transparent interactions and mutually beneficial incentives.

The overarching goal of Coinvise is to utilize social tokens as a means to incentivise better coordination within communities and enable creators to monetize their work without giving ownership to centralized platforms.

We’re proud to be working with communities like Global Coin Research and Forefront to showcase successful social token activations. As we look forward to the next chapter of Coinvise, we aim to integrate the tools we built with some of the existing functionality of social networks.

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We’re actively looking to grow our team who can help us build simple and seamless blockchain UX with little or no learning curve, at scale.

You’ll be joining an early team where you’ll have extensive ownership over the product and our vision. If you’re someone who has experience in building dApps on ethereum, has an eye for good product design and cares about building an engaging community, come join us!

Reach out to us on Discord, Twitter or email at


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