$GCR Community Call #4 Recap – 7/20/21

$GCR Community Call #4 Recap – 7/20/21


  • New Things!!
  • Website
  • Discord Community!
  • Deals and Updates
  • Token and Product related updates
  • Upcoming Events

New Site Design!

Discord Community!

$GCR Community Group (Requires 100 $GCR)

  • Different channels – for updates, hangouts, governance proposals
  • Discord Native Events- Community hangouts, fund of funds workshops
  • Enabled tipping- members can tip each other and support each other

$GCR Alpha Group  (Requires 150 $GCR)

  • Ongoing deals

$GCR GOLD Group  (Requires 250 $GCR)

  • Access to founder calls, make governance decisions – upcoming calls include 

Token and Related Product Updates

  • Implemented governance procedures in #GCR-Gov on Discord
  • Token unlock will began in mid-June from Media Mining, tokens will be vested linearly for 6 months for writers
  • Readers, within a month, are required to hold the GCR token to read our premium content on the site!
  • Potentially white label the token gating solution and sell it to other members of the dao community

Deal and Updates

New Deals and Opportunities

  • Vitalik’s documentary crowdfunding campaign
  • Crypto companies such as Tracer, Orca, Matrix
  • Noncrypto offerings such as Unit and more Kraken!

Existing Deal Updates

  • Notional  just announced the NOTE token launch!
  • Maple Finance just launched their first pool! www.caasimada.net Monthly tokens are being paid out to liquidity miners
  • Kraken updated financials:  projecting a 5x rev and 13x in ebitda growth year on year 

Upcoming Events

  • Discord: AMA with Define; NFT workshop with Andrew from dCanvas; Live interview with Komorebi 
  • Targeting Physical Events in Upcoming Conferences with Partnerships

Notable Media Writers and Pieces

Blockchain Markets & Venture in 2021 with Valhalla Capital

Help asks:

  • Introduction to centralized exchanges
  • Companies raising that would like to reach a quality audience

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