Media Mining Phase II and $GCR Hodl

Media Mining Phase II and $GCR Hodl

3 months since the Media Mining announcement and $GCR token launch, we are excited to share the rollout of Media Mining Phase II- where writers are now able to earn $GCR tokens more easily and more conveniently on, and with new features rolling out on a weekly basis.

What’s Changed Thus Far?

  1. Token Rewards and Vesting Period

Writers in Phase II are able to earn $GCR tokens when writing and contributing on (instructions below), similar to phase I. Some additional perks for phase II writers on the platform – Writers on the platform will have their tokens be immediately available for withdraw once their article is approved, versus the 6 months vesting period in Phase I.

This means that writers can now withdraw all the tokens earned into their Metamask wallet on the same day!

For Phase II, the $GCR reward amount for writers is as follows (this has been updated as of 1/26/22):

1) ORIGINAL content written on any of GCR’s portfolio companies, approved by editorial, deemed EXCELLENT Quality- 50 $GCR
2) ORIGINAL content written on any other topics, approved by editorial and deemed EXCELLENT Quality – 40 $GCR
3) ORIGINAL content, approved by editorial- deemed GOOD quality- 15 $GCR
4) ALL non-original content/ re-posted content that are approved will be rewarded – 10 $GCR

To understand what an excellent article look like, see this example:

To understand what a good article look like, see this example:

Additionally, writers and contributors can continue to earn $GCR tokens, but now we have a new sleek interface for them to see their $GCR token balance.

2. New Dashboard for $GCR Withdraws Directly on

With the new website look introduced recently, we now have a brand new dashboard page for writers to 1) see $GCR token balance and 2) withdraw them directly on the website.

Here’s how it works:

  • On the site, writers can now click on the upper right corner where it says “$GCR token balance” and will be led to the dashboard page.
  • writers will be prompted to connect their Metamask address
  • the number of tokens in the current balance and available for withdrawal is shown in the dashboard
  • Writers can then indicate how much $GCR tokens they’d like to withdraw in the withdraw field. Please note that the withdraw will require gas, which is paid from the balance.

3. $GCR Hodl*NEW*

Just launched on August 4th, $GCR Hodl is where crypto readers can hold a set number of $GCR tokens in their wallet to access exclusive pieces by our writers.

For example, under the articles under $GCR Premium category, readers are now required to hold 10 $GCR tokens to be able to read the content.

Upon visiting the page, readers will now be prompted to connect to their Metamask wallet. If they don’t hold enough $GCR tokens in their wallet, they’ll be shown this page:

If readers don’t have any $GCR tokens, they are redirected to purchase $GCR tokens on Uniswap. Additionally, if they don’t have Metamask, readers can follow the instructions to download one and swap for $GCR tokens here.

What is Media Mining?

As a respected publishing platform in the crypto industry for the last 4 years, and a partner and contributor to The Information, TechCrunch, The Block, Decrypt, Chainnews, 8btc and other leading publications, Global Coin Research is becoming the go-to platform for freelance writers in crypto space to contribute and to share thoughtful, quality content pieces.

As we highlighted in our initial post introducing media mining, value capture and payment for writers on existing self-publishing platforms continue to fall short. While Substack and Medium give writers more control, they fail to allow writers to earn and capture that value directly.

A subscription model such as Substack still only benefits a few. As with subscription-oriented businesses, writers are expected to write consistently and build a following on their own.

It’s Hard to Monetize for Writers

There is a reason why news reporters and centralized content media businesses still exist, although perhaps for not much longer.

Not only do these reporters have a strong platform behind them that will amplify the reach of each author and her piece, but these businesses also have a strong team of editors, designers, and social media managers that will polish every piece to a high standard.

As a result, the combination of curation and editorial prowess continues to allow these centralized businesses to exist, and writers and reporters can expect to earn a consistent income stream as a result.

Current publishing platforms and content businesses do not cater well to writers in crypto, especially for writers who write on an infrequent basis.

There is no infrastructure for writers to monetize and publicize. Some writers opt to become “contributors” to established content businesses in order to reach an audience, but often that means they trade-off any expectation for payment of their work.

Global Coin Research Allows Writers to Get Paid AND Have a Quality Audience

Global Coin Research has a wide newsletter distribution and public recognition with the top crypto executives, founders, investors, and press in the space. And these partners and readers continue to support us in our community and in our newsletter, while we surface all the writers on our platform directly.

We have the best content and writers already with us and writing on our platform- including seasoned journalists, investors, advisors, and traders with deep insights into their respective fields.

With the ability to earn $GCR tokens for every piece written, we want to continue to empower the writers to do what they do the best, promote them and allow them to get paid for their work immediately.


Transform How Writers and Contributors are Getting Paid and Supported in the Space

We are disrupting the publishing platforms in numerous ways, but here are the main things:

  • All writers on Global Coin Research will earn $GCR tokens
  • Anyone can become a writer and earn $GCR when they write a piece on Global Coin Research
  • All writers’ pieces on GCR will be promoted on Global Coin Research’s widely distributed newsletter, along with social media and all our community channels.
  • Seasoned GCR writers can opt to become an editor and can earn $GCR tokens when they edit a piece
  • Writers and editors will get $GCR immediately upon approval of the piece

Interested in learning more? Here’s a breakdown of what writers get directly from our platform:

  • Anyone now can become a writer on GCR if their piece pass through the editorial review. Start with registering for an account today
  • Writers and editors will get $GCRs in their account immediately after the post gets approved
  • Writers get access to all the Global Coin Research’s existing resources – editors, social media, outreach teams to surface your content with the best SEO

Have any questions? Checkout our FAQ on how to get started or join our Discord and ask the community!

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