Komorebi DAO with Manasi Vora and Medha Kothari: Liquid – Crypto Investing | Startup Pitch | Token Investing and Crowdfunding

Komorebi DAO with Manasi Vora and Medha Kothari: Liquid – Crypto Investing | Startup Pitch | Token Investing and Crowdfunding

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For the show today, we held a live interview in the Global coin research Discord. The GCR Discord Community hosts events such as live interviews with founders, learning workshops and provides access to the best deals in the crypto space. Join today at GCR.community.

For the show today, we are thrilled to have Manasi and Medha of Komorebi DAO.  Manasi is the VP of Strategy and Ops at Skynet Labs. Prior to this role, Manasi conducted research at the MIT Media Lab’s Digital Currency Initiative and was the Director of MIT Bitcoin Expo. She is also the Founder of Women in Blockchain whose mission is to increase diversity in the crypto space through education and community building.

Medha Kothari is a software engineer for cLabs, building out the Celo Protocol, as well as runs she256, a 501c3 dedicated to increasing diversity in the blockchain space. She helped start 2 DAOs, Komorebi Fund which is an investment DAO, and FiatLux, a DAO focused on funding technological academic research.  For this interview, we’ll be discussing Komorebi DAO, which is an investment fund that Manasi and Medha recently brought together with a powerhouse roster of investors, founders, and builders.

Komorebi is focused on investing in female and non-binary founders and in this episode, we are discussing the origins of the DAO, the team’s investment approach, and thesis directly from the founders of Komorebi.

If you’d like to see more from KomorebiDAO, make sure to follow @KomorebiFund.

  • What’s the inspiration behind Komorebi dao?
  • Can you talk about the structure of Komorebi?
  • Talk about some of the folks in Komorebi, I think people don’t realize what an amazing group of people you’ve together.
  • How is governance setup?
  • What are the top 3 lessons you’ve learned from running a DAO and building on SyndicateDAO that you’d like to share with folks?
  • How does the dao get hands-on and help founders? how do YOU typically help founders?

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