$GCR Community Call #5 Recap – 8/10/21

$GCR Community Call #5 Recap – 8/10/21


  • New Announcement and Product Rollouts on GlobalCoinResearch.com and Discord
  • Media Mining Phase II
  • $GCR Hodl
  • Discord Community Minimums to Increase
  • Deals 
  • Publicity
  • Upcoming Events

Media Mining Phase II

  • Writers on the platform will have their tokens be immediately available for withdraw once their article is approved, versus the 6 months vesting period in Phase I.
  • For Phase II, the $GCR reward amount for writers is as follows:
  • for original writing (GCR Exclusive) , writers will earn 100 $GCR tokens
  • for re-posted content and pieces, writers will earn 25 $GCR tokens

$GCR Hodl

  • Readers are now required to hold 10 $GCR token to read our premium content on our site!
  • Next product rollout- charging readers $GCR for premium content (Globalcoinresearch.com will take a transaction fee)

Discord Community Minimums to Increase

$GCR Community Group (Requires 100 $GCR)

  • Discord Native Events- Community hangouts, fund of funds workshops
  • Enabled tipping- members can tip each other and support each other

$GCR Alpha Group  (Requires 150 $GCR) ->> Increasing to 200 $GCR

  • Ongoing deals

$GCR GOLD Group  (Requires 250 $GCR)->> Increasing to 300 $GCR

  • Access to founder calls, make governance decisions – upcoming calls include 

Events and Deals Recap

Existing Events Recap

  • Live events and interviews with Scenius Capital, Komorebi DAO
  • AMAs with Define, Maskbook teams
  • Gold members got access to calls with founding teams such as Manta, Laconic

New Deals and Opportunities

  • Crypto deals such as Ejara and some live ones currently

GCR Publicity

Checkout $GCR recently in the Discord communities of

  • Seed Club
  • Coinvise
  • Interview with Komorebi DAO
  • Upcoming podcasts 

Upcoming Events

  • NFT workshop with Andrew from dCanvas TODAY
  • Ongoing AMAs, workshops and more!

Notable Media Writers and Pieces

The Resurgence of Decentralized Prediction Markets — A Potentially New Form of Social Media

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