$GCR Community Deal Access: Some Stats

$GCR Community Deal Access: Some Stats

Since the inception of $GCR, members in our Discord have enjoyed direct access to crypto news and information on Global Coin Research, founder meetings and teach-in workshops, and more often now, crypto and non-crypto investment deals.

We believe the future of crypto investing is driven by social token communities and DAOs. Anyone who joins the $GCR gated -Discord community has direct access to deal allocations and meeting with founders.

Here’s a look at the past 4 months in numbers:

$GCR Members Have Been Shown:

in crypto and non-crypto projects and companies,
sizes ranging from Pre-Seed, Seed Stage, Liquidity Mining to Growth Equity Stage.

$GCR Members Have Invested In:

in crypto and non-crypto projects and companies,
in the form of SAFEs, SAFTs, Warrants, Equity.

$GCR Members Have Cumulatively Committed in Capital:
in Pre-Seed and Seed Rounds

in Liquidity Mining Rounds

in Growth Equity Rounds

$GCR Investments On Average Have Seen Returns:
*For projects/companies that have become liquid/marked up

$GCR Members Have Directly Met:


?What are You Waiting For??

Join US!

To be a part of the gated community and participate in these deals, members must hold at least 100 $GCR cryptocurrency tokens. 

To join our $ALPHA and $Gold channels to get even more perks such as our weekly investor call and direct access to founders, members will need 300 $GCR and 400 $GCR respectively. To learn more, check out our Deal FAQ!

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