Door Labs Releasing Wheel Cards Everyday on Binance NFT to Raise Awareness on Inclusion and Diversity in Web 3.0 Space during Tokyo 2020 Paralympics

Door Labs Releasing Wheel Cards Everyday on Binance NFT to Raise Awareness on Inclusion and Diversity in Web 3.0 Space during Tokyo 2020 Paralympics

Wheel Cards (, the world’s first wheelchair NFT collectibles created by Door Labs, was one of the few projects that was featured on the Binance NFT Marketplace as one of the Premium Events.

The first, second and third batch of 22 Wheel Cards were sold out within five seconds and to give more chances of participating in the sale of the Wheel Cards, Binance NFT and Door Labs decided to release Wheel Cards every day at 11AM UTC until the end of the Tokyo Paralympics, which ends on September 6th.

Door Labs selectively chose to release 22 Wheel Cards because there are 22 summer paralympics sports and the project wanted to celebrate the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics together with the world.

Kunho Kim, the founder of Door Labs, said: “I had a skiing accident 11 year ago, leaving me paralyzed from the waist down. Since then, I’ve been in a wheelchair. Disability rights and wheelchair accessibility have been a passion of mine. I drove across the United States to write a 400-page wheelchair-accessible tour guidebook, helped make Seoul, South Korea’s first wheelchair accessible metro map with the government, and won several international film awards for a disability travel video series I made. Just like the projects I’ve done so far, I want Door Labs’ Wheel Cards to help raise more awareness about wheelchairs and disabilities to make the world more inclusive and diverse.”

Helen Hai, the Head of Binance NFT, said: “We are excited about the positive social change that Wheel Cards project will be bringing. We already see an online community of wheelchair and disability allies emerging. We were truly impressed by the interest from the NFT communities on NFTs with social purposes. We decided to extend the Wheel Cards NFT drop until the end of the Paralympics to raise awareness about inclusion and diversity in Web 3.0 space.”

Door Labs ( is an NFT start-up that is creating an inclusive metaverse in which all abilities, colors, and genders are represented and celebrated. Through the Wheel Cards project, Door Labs hopes to raise awareness about disabilities by allowing people to own wheelchair NFTs, creating a sense of personal stake and ownership that mirrors the effect baseball cards had on interest in baseball. Door Labs decided to create wheelchair NFTs because there was little or no representation of people with disabilities in the NFT/metaverse world.

Door Labs has recently partnered with the Korea Paralympics Committee to create earn-to-play wheelchair Paralympics games. These games are expected to release in 2022, and will be exclusive to holders of Wheel Cards NFTs. 

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