What is $GCR?

$GCR is a research and investment DAO focused on Web3. It’s where all the best writers, researchers, and community members in the crypto space can come together.

Holders of $GCR and writers on the platform get access to the best resources the community has to offer, including but not limited to deep insights and research generated by the community, founder-focused events online and offline, learning and user feedback sessions, and direct deal-flow.

The thing that makes $GCR different is that in order to be a part of the group you must own at least 100 $GCR cryptocurrency tokens.

You can join the token- gated Discord community hereyou will need 100 $GCR to join.

If members are interested in being more involved in the community, share trading and token insights and participate in governance, $GCR also has the $GOLD and GOLD PRO group. To join the $Gold or the Gold Pro Discord channels, you will need 700 $GCR and 2000 $GCR to join, respectively. The details of each group are laid out in #start-here on Discord.

How are you a writing platform AND a community?

GCR has had an international community since we’ve begun in 2017. We continue to value the community the most while preserving the essence of Global Coin Research as a writer’s platform. We believe there are a lot of synergies, as everyone who is a part of the $GCR community is literally invested in the writers’ success.

As the community becomes more appealing, and more people want to join, there will be more demand for $GCR tokens which will drive the price of $GCR up and make the existing $GCR writers (and community members) wealthier.

The idea is that if we all participate in the upside of the community and the platform, we’ll collectively work to make it better. Our writers will support the community members with information and education, while the community members will support the writers with the ability to earn $GCR. Check out our Whitepaper here.

Who are the $GCR community members?

  • Angels, VCs, technologists, executives in the crypto space and beyond who are looking to support a project long term
  • Long-term members and supporters such as Benny Giang, co-founder of Cryptokitties, Kyle Samani of Multicoin Capital, Amber Group, Metacartel DAO, EthGlobal, the Near founding team, Partners at Hashed, Seed Club and more.
  • The $GCR community is global by nature, they speak many languages and very tapped into the crypto opportunities around the world.

Join the Community now! You will need 100 $GCR to join.

How are you unique as an investment DAO?

  • For any deal flow presented to the $GCR community, every member has a choice. They can decide to invest if they want to, or pass.
  • In the current, majority of the DAO structure, members pool their capital together, and everyone votes on each investment. The majority decision wins on whether to invest in a deal.
  • Our members have had the opportunity to invest in the following deals.



How can I purchase $GCR?

1.  Turn your Fiat ($,£,€, etc.) into Ethereum (Cryptocurrency). For most of you the easiest way to do that will be via CoinbaseClick here for a tutorial on how to setup a coinbase account.

2.  Once you’ve setup a Coinbase account, purchase some Ethereum.

3.  On desktop Install a browser-based Ethereum wallet called MetaMask. Click here for a tutorial on how to install Metamask.

4.  Next send your purchased Ethereum from Coinbase to the Metamask. 

5.  With Ethereum in your Metamask you can now swap your Ethereum for $GCR at the Uniswap Exchange. Here’s a tutorial on how to use Uniswap.

6. Congrats! You are now part of the $GCR Community. Check out our Discord to get access to all our community events and resources directly.

$GCR Tokeneconomics

A fixed total of 10M $GCR tokens exist. No more $GCR tokens can ever be minted/created.

Once you register for an account on Global Coin Research, certain actions you do on the site will start allowing you to earn $GCR Tokens. For example, when a writer contributes to Global Coin Research, they will be able to earn GCR tokens.

Community members will also be able to earn tokens for providing value in a number of ways, including—but not limited to—being active in our gated Discord group, attending calls, hosting events and overseeing collaborative programs.

Interesting in running your own GCR segment? Give a staff member a shout at hello@globalcoinresearch.com or tag us on Twitter!

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