$GCR Community Call #6 Recap – 9/14/21

$GCR Community Call #6 Recap – 9/14/21


Introductions: Welcome Arthur and Cyberhang!

Team Focus This Month

Upcoming Event: YGG x GCR Happy Hour in NYC

Last One Month of Accomplishments

New GCR Homepage

New Weekly Member Events

Deals & Investing Recap


  • Arthur- Head of GCR Events
  • Cyberhang – Contributor for Research and Token-Club

Active Seeking: GCR Contributors

We are expanding the contributor community and are looking to add more contributors into the team on all things marketing, community management front!

If you’d like to stay in the GCR groups with the increase in token thresholds, consider becoming a contributor and earning $GCR tokens!

$GCR Focus This Month

  • Token Reach and Contributor Expansion
  • BD and Partnerships Focus 
  • Offer a Core Set of Signature and Awesome GCR Events
  • Treasury Diversification/OTC 
  • Exploring Expanding on the Solana Chain

Upcoming IRL Event

  • $YGG x $GCR Happy Hour in NYC, join us!

August Overview- New $GCR Homepage!

GCR Monthly Special and Media Mining Phase II

Don’t Forget: Writing Earns You $GCR! 

Writers on the platform will have their tokens be immediately available for withdrawal once their article is approved, versus the 6 months vesting period in Phase I.

For Phase II, the $GCR reward amount for writers is as follows:

  • For Monthly Special topics, $GCR writers earn $500 GCR tokens
  • for original writing (GCR Exclusive) , writers will earn 100 $GCR tokens
  • for re-posted content and pieces, writers will earn 25 $GCR tokens

August Overview-> Community Events

Existing Events Recap

  • Last month calls with: Nifty Comedians, 1inch, Increment Finance
  • Wrapping up with a number of other deals

New Deals and Opportunities

  • Convo Space (this week)
  • $GCR NFT for early members (we’re looking for designers!)


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