Lil Nas X is Among the Pioneers of TikTok’s Creator-led NFT collection

Lil Nas X is Among the Pioneers of TikTok’s Creator-led NFT collection

From topping the Billboard charts to being amongst the pioneers of TikTok creator-led NFT collectibles. Welcome to the metaverse King!

TikTok recently launched a creator-led empowerment project inspired by all the creativity happening on the platform and within the community. The new creator empowerment tool allows TitTok users to convert their most viral content into NFTs. This move will make it possible to own the moment that broke the created buzz on the internet. With the hype circulating the blockchain, it is expected for this and more organizations and companies to join in riding along with the wave.

The move and launch saw Lil Nas X alongside Bella Poarch, Brittany Broski, Curtis Roach, FNMeka, Jess Marciante, Gary Vaynerchuk, and Rudy Willingham and creators making the first-ever NFT collection that depicted extraordinary TikTok moments. This move is designed to help more well-deserving content creators get more recognition for their work.

Immutable X, Etherium and Starware  Partnerships

These NFTs are powered by Immutable X and are available on a decentralized, open-source blockchain with smart contract functionality, Etherium. Immutable X gives users the chance to experience uncompromised zero gas fees, instant trades, and carbon-neutral NFTs for marketplaces, games, and applications. You should also know that it is the first layer 2 for NFTs on Etherium.

How Does TikTok NFT Moments work?

Each of these pioneers- as I would like to call them- have made a remarkable cultural impact and have shown massive creativity and dedication to their art. These amazing creators will receive support from renowned NFT creators like COIN ARTIST, x0r, RTFKT, Grimes, among others in developing their limited NFTs.

To live up to their word of supporting artists and creators, large percentages of proceeds from this project will go back to the artists and creators involved in the project. The first content creator to launch their TikTok Moments NFT will be Lil Nas X joined by Rudy Willingham and it went live on 6TH OF October, 2021. Throughout the month, there will be multiple NTF drops followed by gas-free minting.

For prompt and regular updates, follow TikTok and Immutable X on Twitter and you could be the owner of the most memorable and viral TikTok moment.

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