$GCR Community Call Recap – 11/16/21

$GCR Community Call Recap – 11/16/21


  • Introduction
  • Last One Month of Accomplishments

    • GCR Birthday Week  
    • AMAs
    • Deal Calls
    • Live Events
    • Partnership
    • Guestings
    • GCR Newsletter
  • Happening Right Now
  • Upcoming Plans


New team members:

– Dan, Erlisa, Antonio, and Eugene

GCR Birthday Week Events:  

  • Members participated in the AMA public calls and hangouts
  • 100+ members attended the b-day call
  • Birthday  Giveaways

    * 100 $GCR tokens

    * Pioneer+ Membership 1 year

    * Gold+ Membership 1 year
  • Tier 3 name change contest
    * Community changed to Pioneer
  • Memes Contest
  • Total of 1,720 $GCR tokens was gifted  (attendance & memes contest)
  • 11 free Pioneer+ Membership were rewarded
  • 11 free Gold+ Membership membership were rewarded


  • Bruno (NFTs)   
  • Sarah Meyohas (Bitch Coin)  
  • MDTP
  • Tracer Dao
  • CiTADAO 
  • Maven11 Pool <> Maple Finance  
  • Nifty Comedians  
  • Alkemi Network

Deal Calls:

  • Utopia deal
  • Talent Protocol deal
  • Pods Finance deal
  • Zumo deal
  • t² deal
  • Onessus deal
  • OpenGuild deal
  • Socialstack deal
  • SolChicks deal


  • Partnership with Layer3 
  • Listing on Dharma 
  • Treasury diversification led by Q and Hedgey
  •  Forefront Daolloween Party

GCR Newsletter:

  • Total of 10 newsletters were sent out in October

    ~31k audience

    Average 30% open rate 

Happening Right Now:

Upcoming Plans:

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